Upcoming Big Budget Korean Dramas 2021

Upcoming Big Budget Korean Dramas 2021: 2021 is a year of remakes and Korean production companies are investing not only in the remakes of the past Korean dramas and films. But also from popular dramas around the world.

While remaking a drama is not new in the Korean industry. Just like- Taiwanese dramas, it started with a Kiss. Chinese Dramas- Moon Lovers, which adapted into Scarlet Heart Rayo. Japanese dramas- Hana Yori Dango and Boys Over Flowers & American series- Suits, Criminal Minds, and many more.

But in 2021, aside from Webtoons being made as dramas remakes of movies and dramas are also popular. Here are some of the dramas confirmed with Korean remake Or Upcoming Big Budget Korean Dramas 2021.


| Upcoming Big Budget Korean Dramas 2021 |


1. Mr. Hong: 

Also known as “Hometown CHACHACHA“. Kim Seon Ha and Shin Min Ha are both to play main lead roles in the upcoming remake of the 2004 Korean film, Mr. Hong. The film will be turned into drama and the remake will be called ‘Hometown ChaChaCha’.

Upcoming Big Budget Korean Dramas 2021

The movie story revolves around Hong Do-Shek who’s all-around and can do a lot of things. He has different kinds of jobs from day tonight. The drama remake of Mr. Hong will be written by Shin Hao En who also helmed The Crowned Clown. Hoemtown ChaChaCha aimd to air on tvN in august 28, 2021.

The remake of the MovieMr. Hong (2004)
Duration1 hr. 10 minutes
AirsAugust 28, 2021-October 17, 2021
Original NetworktvN, Netflix
GenresComedy, Romance, Melodrama


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2. Undercover:

The hit 2016 BBC series, Undercover has six episodes that showcase the lives and family of Maya Cobbina played by Sophie Okonedo. The Korean remake of undercover will showcase the story of Hang Shon Han and Taeyoung. actor Ji Jin Hee will play the role of Hang Jang Hyun, an agent of the National Intelligence service who hides his real identity and Kim Hyun Joo will play the role of Choi Yeon Seo.

Upcoming Big Budget Korean Dramas 2021

The senior civil servant corruption investigations unit, the Human Rights lawyer who is seeking justice. This remake drama will also be the reunion of Ji Jin Hee and Kim Hyun Joo. Four years after their work and I have a lover. If you missed them, the wait is over. (Upcoming Big Budget Korean Dramas 2021)

The remake of the MovieUndercover (2016 BBC series)
Duration1 hr. 15 minutes
AirsApril 23, 2021- Jun 13, 2021
Orginal NetwokjTBC
GenresCrime, Drama



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3. Goong:

Also known as “Princess Hours”. After all the news of the remake, everyone is excited not only the Korean viewers but also fans from all over the world who also watched the drama series and possibly read that beautiful manma, that the story was based on. After 15 years it is confirmed that the phenomenal drama will have its remake.

Upcoming Big Budget Korean Dramas 2021

The production company who was in charge of the 2006 drama and its rights group 8 and Gundam media has signed the contract for the remake of going aired in 2006, with the main leads Joo Ji Hoon, Yoon Eun Hye, Song Ji Hyo, and Kim Jung Hoon.

The drama garnered more than 26% in ratings back then. Goong will narrate the story of a normal high school girl who has no choice but to agree to the arranged marriage agreement between her grandfather and the former king of Korea as she said to marry the young prince. (Upcoming Big Budget Korean Dramas 2021)


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It is based around the concept of Korea still had an ongoing monarchy. In modern times, many are already anticipating the remake, and drama fans have been suggesting who is going to be a part of the cast of the hit drama.

The remake of the moviePrincess Hours (2006)
GenresComedy, Romance, School, Drama
Main cast & Air TimeNot Announced


4. The Silent Sea:

Did you know that The Silent Sea’s upcoming Netflix series will be a remake of the 2014 movie The sea of Tranquility? The original movie was written and directed by Choi Hang Yong. For the upcoming remake, he will be charged with directing and the script will be written by Park Eun Kyo who also helmed the film ‘Mother’. It will be produced by actor Jung Woo Sung and it will exclusively be available on Netflix.

Upcoming Big Budget Korean Dramas 2021

The Silent Sea is a sci-fi horror thriller that is set in the far future where the earth is experiencing a shortage of food and water, due to desertification. A special team will work together to find the mysterious samples from an abandoned research station on the moon. The confirmed casts of stars in The Silent Sea are Bae Dona, Gong Yoo, Lee Joon. the airing of the series is not confirmed yet and filming of the series is still ongoing. (Upcoming Big Budget Korean Dramas 2021)

The remake of the MovieThe sea of Tranquility
DurationNot Mentioned
Orginal NetwokNetflix
GenresThriller, Mystery, Horror, Drama, Sci-Fi





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