Topmost 8 Turkish Dramas Of Burak Deniz-You Must Watch

The hottest and leading actor in Turkey Burak Deniz is not only famous in Turkey but all over the world. He got instant fame after the television show “Ask Laftan Anlamaz” or “Love doesn’t understand words”. More than just his beauty, he is a very talented and successful actor in Turkey.

He has a separate girl Fandom from all over the world. He has been acting since 2011 and did many dramas as a supporting artist but he got his first lead actor in love doesn’t understand words and that changes his life.

He is just 31 years old and already won a bunch of awards as Best actor in 2017 and Man of the year award in 2018. Right now he is dating Beste Kokdemir who is a Turkish actress and also played alongside him in the “Pretty Little Liars” remake. In this article, we will discuss his Top 8 Turkish drams of Burak Deniz ever which you should’ve missed at any cost. so what are we waiting for? Let’s start !!


Topmost 8 Turkish Dramas Of Burak Deniz-You Must Watch



This serial is released in 2020 with one season of a total of 8 episodes. Casting Burak Deniz and Dilan Çiçek Deniz. To this date, Burak Deniz’s performance in this show is apprised because the role of Katie is a very difficult role to play.

It is a mystery and comedy-drama which revolves around the death of a journalist who was on the other hand investigating the deaths of blind persons near the factory. After the death of Ozan, his soul comes in the body of a police officer to find out who killed him and about the connection with the factory.

It’s full of comedy and mystery, you will nd can’t able to get over it. Both the acting alum must be good.  You can easily find it on YouTube or MX player.



Based on the famous American series pretty little liars and the Turkish remake version Sweet little liars was released in 2015 with 1 season of 13 episodes.  Casting Bensu Soral, Büşra Develi, Dilan Çiçek Deniz, Melisa Şenolsun,  Beste Kökdemir,  Burak Deniz.  the genre of romance, mystery, and youth.

This show is about five close friends who get along one day and want to spend the night together and watch a movie at a large country house. But after some time,  the group leader Acelya suddenly disappears without telling anyone and leaving anything behind. For a long period of searching, no one found anything about her.

And other four girls lose contact to move on in their life and forgot about anything that happened. After a year has passed, all the four girls start receiving messages from an unknown person’ A’ who blackmails them to expose their deepest darkest secrets.  To find out what happened watch the show on YouTube or MX player.


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6. OUR STORY (IMDB 6.9):

Our Story was released in 2017 and its first episode got more than a 16million views.  It is a superhit show of 2 seasons and 70 episodes in total. Casting Hazal Kaya who is a very beautiful actress and Borak Deniz who kills by his looks. It is a romantic and comedy serial that also reflects the value of true and unconditional love. The difference in class and status doesn’t matter when you truly love someone.

Topmost 8 Turkish Dramas Of Burak Deniz-You Must Watch

A girl (Hazal Kaya) who is the eldest daughter in the family and because of his drunk abusive dad she has to work hard to provide food to her siblings and educate them too. But she is very strong and intelligent and also sacrifices her love for Baris(Burak Deniz).

Her mother left the family and his father too.  But Baris never leave her alone and be with her in every situation she faces.  It’s full of comedy and laughter but also shows the real value of true love and care.



Marasli was released in 2021 Casting Burak Deniz and Alina Boz.  With 1 season of 26 episodes, it’s an Action and Romantic serial. The serial is very popular not only in Turkey but in other countries too.  Burak Deniz nailed the role feels like it was made for him only.

Topmost 8 Turkish Dramas Of Burak Deniz-You Must Watch

With a wonderful cast and storyline, this show has won our hearts and deserves some applause. Marasli is about a father who is a retired soldier and s of a daughter who got shot changes his life that starts a bookstore. 

One day a woman name Mahur visits a bookstore and on the same day got into an accident that involves Mafia and Marasli saved her life. Since that day, both get involved and their life gets linked. Watch Marasli d out the answers!!


“Ask Laftan Anlamaz” or Pyar lafzon Mein Kahan is the most popular drama in Turkey which is famous and loved by other countries too.  It has many fans around the world. It’s a turkey-based comedy and love story series with many twists and turns. Casting Burak Deniz and Hande Race l. It was released in 2017 with 1 season of 31 episodes(turkey).

Topmost 8 Turkish Dramas Of Burak Deniz-You Must Watch

A simple girl from the countryside who is pressured to work and get self-employed so that she doesn’t have to change marriage because of her father.  So she moves city and live with her two friends and gets employment in a well-known company where she somehow finds Burak Deniz(Murat) and he falls for her. 

But Murat’s ex gets jealous and do many attempts to remove Hayat from Murat’s life.  It’s full of twisting points where you will laugh, cry and love. watch this show on YouTube or MX player.

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This drama was released in 2013 with 2 seasons of 77 episodes. Casting Cagatay Ulusoy, Serenay Sarikaya, Baris Falay, Burak Deniz and many more.  It is the adaption of the American Television series O.C. by Josh Schwartz.

Topmost 8 Turkish Dramas Of Burak Deniz-You Must Watch

It’s a complicated love story and drama between Yaman and Mira.  Yaman is a hard-working poor young man who works hard to get a stable life.  one day his brother got arrested to stole a car at a gas station.

But a miracle happened and a famous lawyer Selim help them to get out of the jail and even help Yaman to get a house to live in employ him as a gardener he fall in love with his neighbor Mira but her family keeps making her love life difficult. watch the show how they both manage.



This show was released in 2013 broadcast till 2015 with a total of 52 episodes. Casting Gurkan Uygun, Ozlem Yilmaz, Berk Hakman,  Burak Deniz. A top rating action and romance serial loved by all.

The drama is about a policeman who killed a mafia son and changed his identity to survive and escape to the village where he starts his life peacefully but due to some reasons he got engaged in some robbery and due to media, his identity gets find out what happens to him after it, watch Kacak now!!



This show was released on April 13, 2022, with 8 episodes. It’s an Italian Romantic serial with drama and a lot of twists in it. It’s about the love between two men but one of them is married to a woman.

The story revolves around the woman who lost his husband in the accident and somehow found that his husband (Massimo) was having an affair with a man. Disturbed by facts decides to meet his husband’s lover Michele and another group of friends. To know what happens next watch this show on Disney +.


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We have listed the the the Top 8 Turkish dramas of Burak Deniz. Hope you love them all because they all are masterpieces and his acting will blow your mind. You won’t be able to take your eyes off his breathe taking looks. For upcoming shows of Burak Deniz, keep reading our articles and give your valuable feedback too!!