TRUE BEAUTY – KOREAN WEB SERIES OF 2020 : True Beauty is a South Korean television series starring Moon Ga-youngCha Eun-wooHwang In-youp, and Park Yoo-na. Based on the Line Webtoon of the same name by Yaongyi, it centers on a high school girl who, after being bullied and discriminated because of being perceived as ugly, masters the art of makeup to transform herself into a gorgeous “goddess”.

It is a korean drama named as TRUE BEAUTY that has IMDb rating of 7 stars and like by 98% of google users. This web series is new and latest in the television industry and that’s why the rating if this web series (TRUE BEAUTY) is quite fluctuating. The concept of the web series may be not new as usual but the story of the TRUE BEAUTY web series is too refreshing.



In the starting of this (TRUE BEAUTY) web series, we see a baby girl named as JOO, who is surrounded by many people and all were saying that he will be most handsome as a grown up boy. But, her mother corrects everyone that she is a girl not a boy. Actually JOO, doesn’t looks cute like as of other baby girls from which people thinks that she is a boy.

Although she has an elder sister and a young brother too and they both have good looks but, the case of JOO is so opposite that her own family says that definitely she has her maternal family genes that’s she don’t have any good looks and not beautiful. JOO doesn’t like’s it in anyway and she had listened to these thing since her childhood like “your brother and sister are so beautiful but why are you not beautiful as of them”.


People take a lot of assumptions about her face that like she had must be adopted by her parents. Because she has a beautiful father and her mothers is a beautician who has her own parlor. So, how it could be possible that they had an ugly faced child but Joo’s mother always advised her to have good marks in her exams and to become a topper. So that, everyone wouldn’t bother about her ugly face and these words by her mother makes her feel good.


But as we know that its not easy for anybody to forget all the bad things or thought or lines or words that repeats day by day or to say everyday. As same of the thing happens with her and all these incidents get into her mind and unfortunately, she was not able to forget about about all these things. She get bullied a lot of times by her school mates in her school and to get the other students attentions, she transforms her many times into the television cartoon characters (princess) and unluckily, she knows about her mistake and again make a joke of herself.

After this incident, Joo get to know about her character and she decides to leave all the girlish things that every girl have with them like teddy bears, dolls etc. She begins to like horror stuffs because everyone calls her monster. She leaves the fairy tale stories and begin to read horror books and all stuff she has in her room is related to only and only horror, rather it is toys or accessories.

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Now, we see here, after some years, Joo is all 18 years old an adult girl and she reads in a school. She is all lonely in her school and nobody even talks to her. She is always bullied by the most beautiful girl of her school named as Se Mi, who always calls her as ‘dumpling’-‘dumpling’ and under confident poor girl Joo never opposes her orders and keeps listening to her.

Hyun Bin is a guy in her school who is not a school student but he works in her school canteen and that’s why, he mostly visits to school. Hyun Bin is the only guy who behaves very well with Joo and both have a great interest in music. But secretly, Joo really like Hyun and whenever he comes near to her, he makes her heart beat fast. After some scenes, we see here that Joo asks Hyun for lunch and he also accepts her proposal, which is disliked by Se Mi. Se Mi never wants Joo happy because she doesn’t likes her face and not even her!


Joo is seeing very excited for her next morning date for which she is preparing some cookies for Hyun Bin by her own hands and buys two tickets of horror movie, also she writes a note for him. Next morning, she is waiting for her bus at the bus stop and here she updates about her date in her social media and got praised by her followers. At the school, Se Mi plays her dirty card and decides to bully Joo again, but in a different way.

She go towards the canteen and flirts with the same guy Hyun Bin, with whom Joo was going on date on the same day. Se Mi tricks Hyun Bin and make him to disrespect poor Joo. Since, Joo goes on date with Hyun Bin and she confesses her feeling for Hyun Bin infront of him. But, he rejects her proposal and brutally disrespects her and he also says that she has no beauty and no brain. Although, before doing all these things she must have seen her face in the mirror.

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Joo is heart broken now and all the scene has been recording by Se Mi and her friends just to bully her. Joo feels very bad about her behavior and asks her that what she had done wrong with them? why they all hates me? Se Mi answers her that she hates her because she is ‘ugly’! and she deserves this kind of treatment. After this, she’s on her way back to home and checks her social media site. Where, she comes to know that, her rejection video recorded by Se Mi is now viral on internet and also she get very bad comments on that.

Joo can’t handle this anymore, burst into tears. Joo feels worthless now. Nobody wants to be her friend. Nobody wants to talk to her. She started having suicide thoughts now and she goes to the top roof of the building and stands at the edge of the roof. At the moment, she realizes her great mistake and decides to drop the idea of suicide. But, at the same moment, here the guy comes from behind her and pulls Joo towards himself, so that he can save her life.


The guy’s name is SO HU. Joo is unable to see SO HU face as she lost her spectacles. Here, SO HU stands and shouts over Joo :- what you was going to do? Were you going to commit suicide? what was the reason for which she has to take this step? Have you any idea, what will happen to those people who loves you? How could you take such kind of decision? After this, both goes off the building and SU HO helps JOO as she has lost her spectacles. SO HU books taxi for her and she says bye to him.

On her way to home, Joo reminds of her voice message that she had send to her mother in which she was saying goodbye to her and thanking her mother for everything. Joo reaches home as fast as she can and watches out that her sister, brother and mother, all were crying and this makes her to assume that they all were crying because of my dropped stupid mistake. Joo also told her mother that it’s all her fault because her brother and sister are beautiful as her father and she goes on her mother’s face.


And here we see a great funny scene. Joo is checking her Facebook updates and here she comes to know about the makeup tutorial. Next morning she go to school and does the makeup as shown in the makeup tutorial. But unluckily, poor girl is again disrespected by her classmates and she is now curious about her make over that where she does the mistake? She again ask her Facebook friends and they also help her to find out the problem. Read more in TRUE BEAUTY






TRUE BEAUTY – KOREAN WEB SERIES OF 2020 : True Beauty is a South Korean television series starring Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, Hwang In-youp, and Park Yoo-na. Based on the Line Webtoon of the same name by Yaongyi, it centers on a high school girl who, after being bullied and discriminated because of being perceived as ugly, masters the art of makeup to transform herself into a gorgeous “goddess”. It is a korean…


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