Are you bored of watching the same kind of stories or movies like romance, love stories, teen movies,  and comedies again and again?  Do you want something exciting, full of thrillers fiction, and action? Or something like suspense, anticipation, and surprise??

Then this article is for YOU! We have selected the Best top 10 American thriller movies full of cliffhangers, mind-blowing twists,  fallacies, and secrets that will hype your curiosity and are breath-taking!!

Hollywood will never fail to amaze its audience,  that audience who is always craving something innovative, new, and Lil are unsettling. People love to watch movies that will raise their heartbeat and make them thrilled.


Topmost 7+ American Thriller Movies


10. THE WITCH:(IMDb-6.9)

Directed by Robert Eggers and released in 2015. The Witch movie is uncanny, creepy, thriller,  suspicious, full of WITCH craft, and a lot more. The story is undefinable for this you have to watch the movie. It’s a quiet movie but full of suspense and a little disturbing too. If you are interested in watching horror thriller movies then is story is for you.

Topmost 7+ American Thriller Movies You Might Have Missed

PLOT: In 1630, in New England, a family lived with their children. Suddenly one day the youngest son is missing and the daughter gets blamed because she was taking care of his younger brother. After some time searching for their son they found that it is taken by The Witch.

The other two brothers blame their sister Thomasin that being converted into a Witch and for doing this to her brother knowing whether she was a Witch or not? watch this movie now!!




Released in 2021, Directed by James Wan who already marks his identity in the Thriller/horror world with his breathe taking movies like Insidious,  conjuring 1& 2, Dead silence, Saw, and many more.

Malignant has an extraordinary storyline with an amazing Cast who will make you question after every scene.  You will new kind of thrill and horror movie full of violence, blood, fighting, scarce and a lot more….!!

Topmost 7+ American Thriller Movies You Might Have Missed

PLOT: Maddison(Annabelle Wallis) is pregnant and living in a house with his abusive husband. One night Maddison came home from work and got into an argument with his abusive husband Derrek suddenly Derrek smashed her head against the wall and Maddison’s head started bleeding she locked herself in a room and fall asleep.

In the dream, she saw someone has entered the house and killed his husband vigorously,  after she woke she found Derrek’s body and is is is killed in the same way she has seen in her dream. Watch this movie to know who is the killer or if there is something wrong with Maddison??




I watched this movie without having any idea about the story, cast, or popularity but after watching this movie I became a fan of an Escape room. This film is a combination of suspense, and cliffhangers have an ample number of twists, emotions, friendship, and mystery, and is mainly all about the thrill.

You will never regret watching this art and after watching it you will keep suggesting to people about it as we do!! Directed by Adem Robitel released in 2019.

Topmost 7+ American Thriller Movies You Might Have Missed

PLOT: Six people are called by a puzzle cube in which there is an address of a place. they all assemble in the same room after some time, the room started to get heat and they have to escape from it.

This was the first challenge and after this many challenges came at the end with a twist the story is said to be continued. The 2nd part has already been released In 2021.  go watch both the movies for a better triller experience.




A movie that you can’t get over is The Sixth Sense is that kind of movie for us. One of the best American thriller movies and is directed by M.Night Shyamalan who is famous for Split,  Signs, Unbreakable, The visit, and a lot more.

The Sixth Sense released in 1999 is about a kid who is seeing unhappy spirits or souls around him and a psychological doctor, Malcolm Crowe who became a medium to communicate between them to treat the little boy.

Topmost 7+ American Thriller Movies You Might Have Missed

PLOT:  A child psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe who just received an award and return to his home with his wife and found he is not alone in the house. A person carrying a gun tells him that he doesn’t have to be afraid anymore and shoots Dr in his abdomen and himself.

After some time Dr starts dealing with another 9-year-old young boy who is seeing dead unhappy souls. He tried to help and cure him but after the intermission, we get to know about the whole story Sense and reveal the unpredictable truth about Dr.



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6. ORPHAN:(IMDb-7.0)

Orphan is one of the best American thriller movies than others. I don’t know why people aren’t gossiping about this epic thriller /horror movie. it’s so an underrated and mind-bending movie. I watched this movie and it seriously blows my mind. The story is” unpredictable “yes !! thank God we got the perfect word for it.

It is a combination of horror, thriller, psychological thriller, suspense, mystery, and a lot more you can’t even imagine. The first hour makes you think it’s creepy and horror but after the intermission, the whole story revolves.  directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and released in 2009.

Topmost 7+ American Thriller Movies You Might Have Missed

PLOT: The Movie starts with the miscarriage of Kate(Vera Farmiga) who loses her child and gets traumatized by it. She has a Lil daughter with a speaking disability and a son. Kate and her husband decide to adopt a kid and so they adopted an orphanage girl from Russian name Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman).

This girl turn devilish and tried to murder Kate’s son and daughter many times. Kate gets to know about Esther through her daughter and takes out all the information related to her.    At the end with the twist and turn in the story, you will get to know With whom kate is dealing.



5. GET OUT:(IMDb-7.7)

If you hadn’t watched Get Out yet then you are not a very big fan of thriller movies. This movie has a separate fan base including black people. This movie is based on the undefined torture white people do with black people in the name of slavery. A must-watch the movie to sense your mind and sharpen your alertness. Combination of Twist and Turns. It is directed by Jordan Peele and released in 2017.

Topmost 7+ American Thriller Movies You Might Have Missed

PLOT: Starts with the visit of girlfriend Rose and boyfriend Chris to meet Rose’s parents for the first time.  Rose is from white family background and his boyfriend Chris is from a black background, Chris gets nervous.

Because he thought they might not accept him from a black background but they get along with him.  After sometimes he reveals some secrets about Rose and his family and gets into the horrific trouble that he never thought of.



4. SPLIT: (IMDb-7.3)

This is one of the best American thriller movies. Another masterpiece by director M.Night Shyamalan. The split movie was released in 2016 and after great success, they decided to release its 2nd sequel Glass in 2019 and also have a prequel Unbreakable. The movie is about a person named  Kevin (McAvoy) who is dealing with 23 personality disorders.

After watching Spilt’s movie, you will praise McAvoy for his best acting skills. Split encompasses all the traits of a good thriller movie like suspense, excitement, personality disorder, OCD, mystery, and psyched horological horror. It is a worth watching movie and you can find it on fubo TV.

Topmost 7+ American Thriller Movies You Might Have Missed

PLOT: A person named Kevin Wendell Crumb is dealing with a Split t personality disorder has 23 different personalities and takes help from his therapist Dr. Karen Fletcher who can dominate his other witty personality but one day he kidnapped 3 teenagers, and girls.

Barry is t personality who decides which personality will take over Kevin’s mind and body but suddenly two other personalities “Patricia” and “Dennis” take control and harass teenage girls.

In the end, the main devilish personality as “beast” wakes up and does all the distractions. Add Split and Glass to your playlist for an amazing thriller experience. 


3. NOBODY:(IMDb-7.4)

Want some action/thriller?? Go and watch  NOBODY movie right now, without asking your friends (I am sure your friends who love thrills have already this movie). Director Ilya Naishullar made this movie only keeping thrilled and action in his mind.  Nobody is a full package of action, guns,  blood, fights(oh I love its fights), Drama, and quirky comedy too. 

Topmost 7+ American Thriller Movies You Might Have Missed

PLOT: Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk) is the “Nobody” in this film. The real action starts from the very beginning of the movie when an armed man and woman break into his house and his son gets engaged in a fight with the army men Hutch pleads to the men to leave his son and take away some money.

Another morning Hutch’s Lil daughter asks for her missing kitty bracelet and there the movie starts. Watch Nobody know about the real action thriller and suspense.  its 2nd part is in making.!!



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2. BIRDBOX: (IMDb-6.6)

Released in 2018, in love with the BIRD BOX movie. Director Susanne Bier has won everyone’s heart with the unique and thrilling storyline. This movie is full of twists and turns. Sandra Bullock played her role like the role was made for her, the story will hold the audience’s mind and plays with it. People also categorized it in a horror genre but is a real combination of Thriller/horror.

Topmost 7+ American Thriller Movies You Might Have Missed

PLOT: It starts with a pregnant lady(Sandra Bullock) who has visited the hospital for a p and television shows the news report of massive suicides completely unexplainable in Europe. After stepping out from the checkup, she saw a lady smashing her head on the hospital window and others also start doing crazy things which end up In killing themselves.

After surviving for a while she witnessed that whoever is seeing the creature something suicidal and die. watch this movie to know whether she survived or not, if she did then how??



1. JOKER (2019): (IMDb-8.4)

The biggest Hollywood thriller movie of all time.JOKER has won many awards for best psychology thriller story. produced by Warner Bros,  DC films, Directed by Todd Phillips,  With a mind awakening and unique storyline, DC has won the hearts of all its fans and non-fans too. 

The Aura created after the release of this movie was unremarkable.  The legend Joaquin Phoenix had acted so well and that’s why he call a legend because the role he played in this movie was too real and hard, scenes are way too emotional and real.

Some scenes are scary and made you angry, the sudden shift of feelings will grab all your mind’s attention that you will cannot even blink your eyes for once.!! It is a must-watch movie for everyone. whether you like the thriller genre or not Joker is a must for all.

Topmost 7+ American Thriller Movies You Might Have Missed

PLOT: Arthur flecks is suffering from many neurological disorders because of his childhood traumas,  parental abuse, and illness. He cause a disturbing environment in Gotham city where he killed people, robbed banks, exposed the hospital, and a lot more.  watch JOKER know more about him, Bruce Wayne the hero of a villain movie, whether Joker escapes or not, he will survive or kill Batman ??




We have listed the topmost 10 American thriller movies of all time for you. To make your weekend full of suspense and mystery, add these movies to your playlist and watch all-time favorite thriller movies. Close the curtain, darken the room, grab some popcorn and start watching!!