Topmost 5 Turkish dramas of Tuba Buyukustun- You Might Miss

Topmost 5 Turkish dramas of Tuba Buyukustun- You Might Miss: Tuba Buyukustun is a young, beautiful, talented, and the highest paying Turkish actress in Turkey. Also, she is the best actress in the Turkish entertainment industry, undoubtedly.

In addition to this television actress, she is also an attractive and characteristic beauty. That has led to very dedicated fans in Turkey as well as all over the world. She had played several roles in several successful television series.

Here we have some of the best and down to the top-rated list of Topmost 5 Turkish Dramas of Tuba Buyukustun- You Might Miss.


Topmost 5 Turkish dramas of Tuba Buyukustun


5. Becoming Lady (2010-11):

Topmost 5 Turkish dramas of Tuba Buyukustun- You Might Miss

In this series or Turkish drama, Tuba Buyuskutun had played the role of Hasret, a Romani girl who has a melodious voice, and Cansel Elcin was playing the role of Murat. Murat is a music teacher who tries to find the biggest talent in turkey.

Murat hears the potential in her untrained voice and takes a bet that he can transform the unpurified flower girl, Hasrat (Tuba Buyukustun) into a lady. This bet changes not only the life of Murat but also that of Hasrat.


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4. Asi (2007-2009):

Topmost 5 Turkish dramas of Tuba Buyukustun- You Might Miss

Asi was a great drama about two families who has friends and foe situations for three generations. At last, beautiful Tuba Buyukustun as Asi and handsome Murat Yildirim as Demir fall in love with each other, while their families see each other as enemies.

The Passionate love between Asi and Demir influenced many people. The secrets of the family, gradually start to shatter when Suheyla also returns to Antakya.


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3. 20 Minutes (2013):

Topmost 5 Turkish dramas of Tuba Buyukustun- You Might Miss

In the 20 Minutes television series, you will see the story of Melek and Ali who love each other to their death and risk their lives for each other. You will explore, how their perfect life changes in 20 minutes.

Melek (Tube) is a young and beautiful woman who lives a happy married life with her husband Ali (Ilker Aksum) and two children. An innocent pastrycook Melek gets accused of injuring an important politician’s son. Her loving husband all wants her wife to get escaped from prison.


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2. Brave And Beautiful (2016):

Topmost 5 Turkish dramas of Tuba Buyukustun- You Might Miss

In this story, you will explore the love between two different persons who are destined to be together. Cesur, a young man, is for searching revenge for his father’s stolen life from Tahsin. During Cesur’s trip to Tahsin’s town, he saw a woman riding on a horse that is out of control and heading to a cliff.

Cesur runs and saves the life of beautiful Suhan (Tuba Buyukustun). Cesur soon realizes that Suhan is the daughter of Tahsin. Will his love for Suhan stop him to go ahead with his plans to revenge on Tahsin or it is all part of his master plan?


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1. Black Money Love (2014-15):

Topmost 5 Turkish dramas of Tuba Buyukustun- You Might Miss

In the Black Money Loev television series, you are going to explore the lives of Elif and Omer who are two strangers but are forced to share the same fate by losing their loved ones.

Black money Love has been licensed to more than 170 territories worldwide by Inter Medya. It is based on a true story. Engin Akyurek is playing the character role of Omer Demir who is a young and ambitious policeman and Tuba Buyukustun is playing the role character of Elif Denizer who is a rich and young girl.





Tuba Buyukustun is also known for her well model skills and her great facial features. Even she had received several awards and her acting career and also worked in movies.

In the above article, I have mentioned some of the best or Topmost 5 Turkish dramas of Tuba Buyukustun. If you find your favorite Turkish series of tuba from our list, do comment it down and let us know more about your recommendations. Stay tuned for the next articles.


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