Top 8 Turkish Series with English subtitles on YouTube

Top 8 Turkish Series with English subtitles on YouTube: There are many beautiful and strange things about Turkish drama or Turkish series. The Turkish entertainment sector is slowly expanding to the global market. The wide range of storylines with a charming blend of strong characters, perfect chemistry among actors.

Turkish series are very popular in South America and the West. Turkish television series fans are always searching for a site or place online where they can watch Turkish tv-shows with English subtitles.

Today we are going to talk about the list of the Top 8 Turkish Drama Series with English Subtitles available on YouTube.


Top 8 Turkish Series with English subtitles on YouTube

8. Lion Family (Aslan Ailem):

Top 8 Turkish Series with English subtitles on YouTube

This television Turkish series is about a Loin Family who finds themselves in a difficult situation when the real owner of the ranch comes all of a sudden with that has been living together with his mother Haje, his wife Hectic, and his four sons in the Lion branch for 30 years.

Vadant is a farmer while his wife Hectic is a housewife who is also working on the ranch by raising chickens and growing vegetables. Lion Family lives happily all together in the lion ranch. The simple life of the Lion Family turns upside down all of a sudden.

One day, a young and beautiful girl ‘Burje’ knocks on the door of the Lion Family and claims that she is the real owner of the ranch. Her perfect luxury life and her daily concerns change dramatically when her father is accused of corruption.

Due to these allegations, her father flees from the police and leaves the country without saying anything to his lovely daughter.


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7. Hiding Our Mother (Annemizi Saklarken):

Top 8 Turkish Series with English subtitles on YouTube

Hentane is a single mother of three, a social climber who chases luxurious lives. She sees and envies on social media she feels. She never got to live her own life, after she became pregnant, so young. Dundar is a successful businessman in Nandi surface, a happily married wonderful father.

But when Hentane enters his family home as a client of Dundar’s wife, she cannot feel but feel that something is not quite right in their perfect marriage. She realizes that he is flirting with her and though the attention of a married man makes her uncomfortable.

She doesn’t want to turn down the chances of life, she believes she deserves. But at what cost? How many secrets must keep from each other?


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6. Get A Miracle (Bir Mucize Olsun):

Top 8 Turkish Series with English subtitles on YouTube

The Turkish series Get A Miracle tells the viewers the story of an unnoticeable girl, who repeated the Fate of Sandra.  Damla has a difficult life. Her adopted father doesn’t care about the girl as about his father. But turned into her real slave.

She has to stay in horrifying conditions. Not only did she grows up in her most conscious life in one of the dirtiest areas. She also lived in poverty. But one day, a real magic miracle happens. You get knocked on the door of the poor house and from that moment on, Damla’s life makes sense.

After all, the girl learns that her grandfather is one of the wealthiest people in Turkey. With these words, Yakit restores faith in a happy and bright future to the present moment of a hopeless servant.


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5. Maral (My Most Beautiful Story):

Top 8 Turkish Series with English subtitles on YouTube

In ‘Maral‘ Turkish series story, you will watch how Maral after she had made an extreme change in her career. Maral is a young and natural girl who works as a waitress in the restaurant section of a well-known store named Luna.

She dreams about two things in her life. One is being the manager of Luna and the other is Sarp who is the rebellious young guy, working as a chocolate chief in the same restaurant where the Maral works.

She thinks that both of her dreams are far away from being real. However, one day, her first dream becomes true.




4. Intimate (Canevim):

Top 8 Turkish Series with English subtitles on YouTube

Intimate tells the story of a love of a poor orphan man named Mahaz and a poor woman named Celen. Majaz and Celen want to get married. However, since they both are poor they have to earn money first.

Majaz goes to another city to earn money where he gets a job at the construction site. Majaz tries to earn money for the girl he loves. He meets Celen every day and takes longing. The two young people living with the dream of the day they get married, have no views of what happened to them.


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3. Bandits (Eskiya Dunyaya):

Top 8 Turkish Series with English subtitles on YouTube

In this story, you will explore a mafia world where Hizer finds himself as a rich and powerful man who enters the underground world after his elder brother is killed. He votes to revolt against injustice starts to produce weapons for the mafia leader.

He never betrays his country and the people with whom he works together. Meanwhile, Hizer has some problems with his wife Maryam who is a very strong woman. Even Maryam knows that Hizer has an affair, she tries to live this fact for the sake of her children and her family as a whole.

However, she cannot accept the fact that Hizer would have a baby from his girlfriend Nestlie.


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2. My Name is Melek (Benim Adek Melek):

Top 8 Turkish Series with English subtitles on YouTube

Kardak family and Sarhan family have been close to each other for centuries. This series story starts when Kardak’s family’s daughter, a young college freshman student Malik and Sarhan family son a collet senior student Halil forced to get married by their families.

Despite her unwillingness for her marriage malik cannot protest her father. Their traditions and cultures stand in her way. On her engagement day, she slips away with Alpe, the man she loves to Berlin, Germany.

After this incident, the families never mentioned Malik’s name again. For her father, her precious daughter is dead. Halil is the only one who cannot forget Malik. He has been carrying his feelings like a burden in his heart.


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1. Room 309 (No. 309):

Top 8 Turkish Series with English subtitles on YouTube

In the Turkish series ‘Room 309‘ you will explore a love story between Lale and Onur who are forced to marry after their drunken one-night stay, in resulting an unexpected pregnancy. Out of pure coincidence, Onur and Lale meet at the same place due to a blind date that is arranged by their mother.

Onur comes to the nightclub to meet his girl whom his mom has arranged. Meanwhile, Lale comes to the same place to meet the guy whose name is Onur as well. Accidently, Lale sits at Onur’s table assuming that Onur is the person whom her mother has arranged.

They become drunk and lose their control and end up having a one-night stand and in the morning, they find themselves in the same bed in room number 309.


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