Top 10 Best Turkish drama couples with best chemistry

Top 10 Best Turkish drama couples with best chemistry: For many of us romance is what keeps us tuning into our favorite tv series. Sometimes loves takes over our main interest in the show and we like these series due to performance of studying couples.

Everybody has a soft heart towards romance and a supportive tendency to the pairing of the couples. Here’s the list of Top 10 Best Turkish drama couples with best chemistry. I hope you will find your favorite in the list. Don’t hesitate to vote for the couple in the comment section box who has inspired you the most.

|”Top 10 Best Turkish drama couples with best chemistry”|

10. Kuzey and Yildiz in ‘North Star’:

Yildiz is a beautiful local girl who was meant to marry Kuzey 20 years ago. After Kuzey left his home town and break off the engagement, Yildiz could not forgive him. She never gets married after then. even though she receives many marriage proposals.

Top 10 Best Turkish drama couples with best chemistry

Yildiz loves Kuzey to death and at the same time she can not forgive him. The arrival of Kuzey and his daughter changes the life of Yildiz too. When she sees Kuzey after many years her anger is inflamed. She cannot stand for seeing him around her and wants to see him no matter what.

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9. Zehra and Serdar in ‘Organization’:

The Turkish action and drama will display the story of seven patriotic people who went underground by accepting a duty. According to this duty, they should give up their own lives and be invisible to the crowd and to their own family.

Top 10 Best Turkish drama couples with best chemistry

The reason for the sacrifice is to protect their country. Zehra and Serdar made one of the best Turkish drama couples on television.

8. Asya and Volkan in ‘Unfaithful’:

Unfaithful is an unremarkable of the world famous production Dr. foster. After its huge success in India, France. Russia and South Korea, the cities turn into phenomenon in turkey too. What lies behind this great success of the series is the perfect harmony between Asya and Volkan.

Top 10 Best Turkish drama couples with best chemistry

Asya is a successful Doctor and she has a perfect life with her husband and her son. But after finding blonde hair on her husband’s scarf Volkan, everything changes. What’s more she discovers her husband’s extramarital affair. It is a perfect plot of love triangle, vengeance and betrayal.


7. Miran and Keyyan in ‘Hercai’:

Center of her giant Turkish Tv drama is based on the fate of a young man named Miran whose parents died through the fault of a man who become his mortal enemy. In order to avenge their death, Miranda decides to classic revenge.

Top 10 Best Turkish drama couples with best chemistry

He seduces Rhian to destroy the girl, there by depriving his enemy of the only creature dear to him, his daughter. Her giant is one of the best revenge and romantic Turkish tv series.

6. Ruya and Omer in ‘Flames of Faith’:

Ruya and Omer became the most favorite Turkish drama couple among the other in the same series. So, they are  nothing but one of the best Turkish tv couples among many popular names on tv. The conflict and the endless passion between the two amaze the audience.

Top 10 Best Turkish drama couples with best chemistry

If we talk about the ‘Flames of Faith’ story then it’s about three ladies: Camry, Chadic and Ruya. Basically the series starts from a fire accident that entirely changes the lives of these three ladies.

5. Mavi and Sancar in the ‘Ambassador’s Daughter'”

The Ambassador’s Daughter tells the story of Sancar and Mavi. Mavi is the daughter of and ambassador and Sancar, on the other hand is a casual man. One day they fell in love with each other but unfortunately, this love is the desperate one. However, through the end of the series.

Top 10 Best Turkish drama couples with best chemistry

The popular Turkish actress replaced Nastlihan Atagol and this replacement which happened due to nastlihan Atagul’s health issues increased the city’s popularity even bigger. And the two made the best Turkish drama couples once again.

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4. Mahur and Celal in ‘Marasli’:

Celal a former soldier leaving the military special forces. He wants to spend his life with the second-hand book shop he opened. The turning point in the life of Celal who is daring to brave and trying to provide justice in his own way is the daughter Zelis was shot.

Top 10 Best Turkish drama couples with best chemistry

His only aim is to bring the  sick daughter back to life. However, he cannot forget the great pain inflicted on his son. One day the beautiful mirror enters the second hand booksellers shop that day. She will voluntarily gets involved in an incident. Celal says Mahur’s life and that day their fates are linked forever and ever.

3. Serra and Selim in ‘My left side’:

My left side Tv series story is about a different love of Serra and Selim who are made for each other. Yet from different worlds the mandatory study session of Serra and Selim also bring new disputes in the school. Berjik who has been in love with Selim for a long time.

Top 10 Best Turkish drama couples with best chemistry

And Burak who has some feelings towards Sarah gets disturbed by this relationship. Also Selim assumes that Serra comes from a wealthy family. Even though she doesn’t mention anything about her social status. So Serra and Selim made one of the best turkish drama couples on television.

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2. Yaman and Seher in ‘Legacy’:

The series tells the story Yaman, a successful businessman who is incapable of love because of his traumatic childhood. There’s only one person that he feels something for, his young nephew Yusuf. When Yusufs’s mother dies unexpectedly.

Top 10 Best Turkish drama couples with best chemistry

His answer her a beautiful courageous woman moves into the family mansions to take care of him.  Initially clashing with Yaman and his cool behavior. Soon, they start developing feelings for each other.

1. Eda and Serkan in ‘You Knock On My Door’:

The series has definitely been one of the most popular and successful productions in 2021. The love story between Eda and Serkan brought them wide popularity in the world. Eda is a girl who lost her mother and father and lives a humble life with her aunt. She is also studying at university with a scholarship and earns a scholarship to continue her education in Italy.

Top 10 Best Turkish drama couples with best chemistry

As for Serkan, he is one of the partners of the company that gives scholarship to Eda. Celine with whom he has been together for a long time is about to marry now which he doesn’t approve of. So Serkan is very disciplined, perspective, even a little harsh time. So one way or on the other way, their paths cross and not only in romantic comedy, But also in real life.

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