Top 10 Best Psychological Thrillers Turkish Series

Top 10 Best Psychological Thrillers Turkish Series : Turkish dramas are not all about romances where the perfect leaking leads ultimately end up coming together and after coming a series of obstacles. There are many thriller Turkish series out there with enthralling story lines that will have you glued to the screen while you jump away on a huge bag of chips.

If you’re up for some suspenseful dramas from gruesome murder cases to unimaginable large scale, here’s our roundup of most gripping psychological thriller series. Guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat from the first episode to the last.

|”Top 10 Best Psychological Thrillers Turkish Series“|

1. Ethos:

The story of this Turkish series revolves around the Miriam. She is expecting fainting spells that is the reason why she is seeing a therapist. She is a daily cleaner who sees PD a therapist who comes from a different social-economic background.

PD comes from a modernist secular republican class. Due to her social-economic background, she has trouble with her patient Miriam as she is a carved conservative woman.

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No matter, how nice warm and clever Miriam is? In short this Netflix turkey series is full of action, drama, and mystery. Also the entire cast is playing their roles with power pack performances.

2. Personality:

In this TV Turkish series story, you will watch a crime story that is connected to the life of the different persons Aha and Nifra. Different lives of Aha and Nifra intersect due to a mysterious murder.

Aha commits a murder and leaves a message to Nefra. For the first time Nefra gets ahead of his male colleague and she get assigned to the important job of finding the killer.

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Whenever Aha commits amurder, he continues to leave specific message to Nafra. In order to find the serial killer, Nefra has nothing to do but to remember her past.

3. The Innocence:

Top 10 Best Psychological Thrillers Turkish Series

This Turkish series is based on psychological novel of Dr. Gulzerin. The story of the innocence is different from typical Turkish drama plots and you would love its mysterious chapters. The innocence plot is about two families and apartment.

The lead character Han is living with his two sisters and sick father in this apartment and almost all of these siblings have suffered due to various psychological traumas. This series full if thrill drama and twist. Moreover, the classic acting of entire cast would amaze you.

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4. Flames of Faith:

Top 10 Best Psychological Thrillers Turkish Series

Flames of faith are one of the most anticipated Turkish TV series which is being aired on show TV. If we talked about the Flames of Faith story is about three ladies.

Basically the Turkish series starts from a free accident that entirely changes the life of these three ladies. Indeed, it’s a copy of friend series the bonfire of destiny.

However, the French show presents the background of the 80s fire event in the Paris and Flames of Faith talks about the current year, the cast of flames of fate also consists of very credible actor and actresses.

5. Unfaithful:

Top 10 Best Psychological Thrillers Turkish Series


The main idea about this Turkish series has been taken from the super hit British TG series, ‘Dr. Foster’. Undoubtedly, the fans of Dr. Foster have guessed the storyline of Unfaithful where a husband cheats on her Doctor wife.

If we talk about the cast of Unfaithful then you’ll see beautiful and versatile actress JAN SIDDHARI and I see. Yes. I see is a doctor in living a happy life with her husband Vulcan and son Ali.

But everything changes in her life when she becomes aware of how her husband is cheating on her. You had loved to watch this Turkish  series to rate this remake of Dr. Foster.

6. Vanished 46:

In this story, you’ll explore an unusual crime story from Turkey. Murad professor starts to commit serious crimes, after trying a newly discovered medicine on him.

This medicine releases Murad’s alter ego which he cannot control and that he seeks revenge for his father’s death and his sister’s illness. During this journey, he gets great assistance from a newly hired psychologist Asylum. But at the same time, he has to deal some officers.

7. Five TV Series:

The story is about Jen mene who is a very famous psychologist with a dark a background. Jen mene has a special has a interest in women and his obsession is to have whoever he wants and he had then until he saw Duru. She is young dancer studying in the academy and she has a handsome boyfriend Denise.

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Germany is not a good character. It’s a hated figure. Frankly, he is an after meeting with Duru, Jen mene becomes obsessed with Duru and he tries everything to break her relationship with Denise and have her.

8. The Red Room:

Top 10 Best Psychological Thrillers Turkish Series
turkish series

The Red Room is one of the high rate Turkish TV series of 2020 due to its unique plot. Yes, ‘The Red Room’, is a TV series which came with the different concept. The plot of ‘The Red Room’ revolves around psychological clinic where various patients are being treated and the story of a new patient is screened in each episode.

Probably it could be a tremendous Turkish series for viewers because it shows various psychiatric attitudes which occur due to any trauma or event in our lives. It is worth watching Turkish show, if you want to something to deal with psychological disorders and mental traumas.

9. The Girl in the Glass:

Top 10 Best Psychological Thrillers Turkish Series

Nalan is a beautiful women who earns everyone love at first sight with her worm. Since, she is the only child of her family, she was raised a hand doll. She lives her life in existence and graduated from best schools with honors.

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Nolan finds turkey’s largest chain of hotels ‘Corolla Company’ as an architect. Although, Mullen and Siddid began to walk hand in hand, in this tale with ho thinking that they are moving away from dark secrets they have kept in their past. So their lives will sink into absolute darkness.

10. The Deep:

Turkish series viewers who don’t have enough time to watch long series and I want to watch limited episodes then ‘The Deep’ should be your first choice.

In ‘The Deep’ TV series, story you will watch the mysterious events related to defense technologies. Sahet works for Istanbul police for suicide preventer.

Sahet’s monotone life changes dramatically when he receives a mysterious call. He finds a woman who is about to jump from the bridge. Sahet saves the life of that woman bilty who is mysterious scientist with full of secrets.

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