TEMPTED (THE GREAT SEDUCER) | KOREAN WEB SERIES YOU MUST WATCH : Tempted or The Great Seduces is a Korean series or drama having its IMBd rating 7.2. Here the story is about of three friends named as Choi Su-ji, Lee Se-ju and Kwon Se-hyeon. Se-hyeon belongs to a rich family who is a bad boy by his nature. He is able to seduce any girl by his charm.

Su-ji is that daughter of the famous doctor Myung Mi-ri. She looks like tough and bold girl but she is obsessed with her family issues from which she gets tensed. Se-joo, the alive guilty pleasure. He is also cute and a funny guy who just know two English words: Love and Sex.




The story of the series (Tempted) begins with Joosung High school’s 18th graduation ceremony. Here, in the ceremony, Soji plays the private video of her teacher in front of all just to take her revenge from him. Later we see Lee Gi-young who is dating Choi Su-ji and comes to her school to pick and drop her to her home safely.

Here we see now, Eun Tae-hee and Ko Kyung-joo, who are best friend and they are celebrating their graduation party. Lee Se-ju and Kwon Se-hyeon both go to the bar for their graduation celebration.

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While Su-ji goes on a date with Gi-young where he break ups with her. Giving the reason that when her father was being arrested by police, her mom request’s to his family to defend him from this case. But they reject it and where her mom asks him to be her boyfriend and that is why he is dating her.

Here Se-hyeon is flirting with Kyung-joo’s mother because he doesn’t know that she is Kyung-joo’s mother. When he arrives at home, his father shows him tha DNA report. The report shows that he is not blood related to his father and in short that he is not his biological son.

His father Kwon Seok-woo asks him to move to his another building and to stay there. Se-hyeon lefts his father’s place and leaves. He goes to the bus stop and sits there in order to wait for his bus. Tae-hee was also there sitting next to her. Se-hyeon makes a plane of the report and flies it away.

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The plane crashes near to Tae-hee’s feet and she receives it. When both of them get into the bus, Tae-hee gives the plane back to Se-hyeon’s. Where he requests to her that she takes that plane with her for 4-5 months and later she throws it away.


After that, Eun Tae-hee and Lee Gi-young meets each other at a ceremony and here she gets the student scholarship. At the ceremony, Su-ji notice Gi-young and Tae-hee and find outs that she is Gi-young’s first love.

Here in the ceremony Se-hyeon’s father kwon Seok-woo come announces his and Su-ji’s mother Myung Mi-ri’s engagement publicly. This announcement gives a great huge shock to Su-ji and Se-hyeon.

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Se-hyeon lefts the ceremony and while leaving the building, Eun Tae-hee comes in front of Se-hyeon’s car. Se-hyeon comes out of his car to check Tae-hee whether she is okay or not and here she said to him not to leave her alone and not to go.


Because few years ago, she met with an accident where the driver hits her and runs away without helping her. This leads to a great trauma in her mind. After this, Se-hyeon gets a call from Se- ju and where he tells him that Su-ji is hurting herself.

He goes to her, and finds that Su-ji is trying to hurt her as she remembers her father’s incident. Se-hyeon stops her and hugs her. Next day, three of them meet each other and here Se-hyeon asks Su-ji to get married with him.

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As he thinks that it is the only way to stop their parent’s marriage. And later they will file for divorce. But Su-ji denies with his proposal as she said to him that she does not want to be in a fake marriage. Read more at thegreatseducer


Do their parents get married?

Does Su-ji ask Se-hyeon to play with Eun Tae-hee?

Does Tae-hee make Se-hyeon fall in love with her?



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