Mind-Boggling 11+ Teen Romantic Movies Available On Netflix- Movies You’ll Be Craving

In today’s time, teen romantic movies are popular everywhere whether it is Netflix, amazon prime, or other OTT platforms, everywhere we see teen high school web series/dramas/movies, on top. Who does not like romantic movies, why not right? And if we talk about those movies which have romance, drama, suspense, happy and sad moments, their matter is different.

We always like to watch such movies that the first glimpse hits our mind and we are eagerly waiting for their next parts. Are you bored of common traditional love stories?? Want to spice up your movie playlist? Then don’t worry! This article is made for you.

We have chosen the best top 11 teen movies full of love, drama, suspense,  mystery, and a lot more! These movies will take you to your teenage days and make you relive those special and memorable moments. You can find these movies easily on Netflix and binge-watch all of them, so what are we waiting for?? Let’s start !!


Mind-Boggling 11+ Teen Romantic Movies Available On Netflix



Mind-Boggling 11+ Teen Romantic Movies Available On Netflix

If you are looking for a proper teen rom-com or drama movie then you should watch a kissing booth movie.  It’s a trilogy film, every part has a new story. How does true love give you another chance? How to stay loyal even in your friendship and Lil’s drama too…

In the first part, you can feel the perfect friendship between Elle (Joey King) and Lee ( Joel )They have set some friendship rules since childhood and No one could break them.

In the first part, Elle falls in love with Noah, the elder brother of Lee, which was against the rules that create misunderstandings between Elle and Lee. But you all know true love never dies.



2.  AFTER ( IMDB 5.4):

Mind-Boggling 11+ Teen Romantic Movies Available On Netflix

“Whatever our souls made of, his and mine are of the same”.This movie is based on the novel by Anna Todd.  A typical love story grows into forever love. The novel has 6 parts and in 2021 the 3-part “After we fell” was released after the 1st two Hits” After” and “After we collide”.

The story is beautiful and complicated, you will love the chemistry and magic between Hardin and Tessa. every part has its twists and turns, drama, and ups and downs but their love never fades away, they always fight for each other no matter what!

This year “After Ever Happy” the four parts will be released on 7 September 2022 in theatres. The story will continue from where Hardin gets to know about his family’s reality.“After” trilogy is an absolute teen movie and you should not miss this. We can say it’s a perfect romantic movie to binge-watch.




The truth and reality of teenagers have shown in the movie. it is based on a novel by Many teenagers face tons of difficulties in this teenage, they go through many things, and those who cannot take it, choose the option to die (suicide). The continuous thought in one’s mind to kill oneself, anxiety, and depression eventually kill the person’s mind and soon the body.

In this movie, it starts when Fanning is standing on the edge of a bridge where her sister died and Smith meets him there and convinces her not to jump because there is more life to live!! From there both started to fall for each other. But you never know what is going on in the mind of the person next to you.




Mind-Boggling 11+ Teen Romantic Movies Available On Netflix

We love this MOVIE!! I mean there is not a single thing to hate or find boring in this epic movie. This movie is a trilogy and is based on the famous novel written by Jenny Han. The first movie” To all the boys I loved before” was released on Netflix in 2014 and was a super hit.

The cast is extremely talented and portrays the characters so well!! In the first part, Lara Jean wrote five love letters to her crushes and kept them in the shoebox. but one day, Lara Jean’s little sister posted them all. There the movie starts.

We loved it and waited for the other parts desperately.” PS I love you ” was released in 2015. The love for Lara Jean is one of the 9th clouds.  Peter Kaminsky is the idol boyfriend that every single girl desires. He is perfect in every sense and his chemistry with Lara Jean is heartwarming.

In the second part, John Ambrose (Jordan Fisher) makes an entry into LJ’s life, he is one of the boys from the letters. He has a good part but LJ truly and only loves PK. The last part “Always and Forever” is where LJ has to choose between PK and her college.



5. WORK IT (IMDB 6.1):

It’s about the person who underestimates her and automatically lowers her confidence but after taking part in a dance competition she levels her up and gains everything she wanted in her life. The love chemistry between Quinn(Sabrina Carpenter) and Jake (Jordan Fisher) is cute and love to watch them together.

My favorite scene is the love dance when Jake tells Quinn to lose herself and move with the music. Also, you will see that true friendship makes everything easy. We will suggest that you watch this movie with friends!!




If you are looking for some devilish teenage movie, stop here and watch The Babysitter (first part) released in 2017, and the second part “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” released in 2020.

The hot and loving babysitter turns into a devilish Babysitter and tries to kill the boy along with her friends. We can say it’s a horror-comedy and was fun to watch.

The full entertainment package of horror, murder, comedy, and even a cute love story. Both the parts are mind-blowing and the story is completely unpredictable. Everybody in this cast did a great job. Samara Weaving (Bea) was hot and crazy, Judah (Cole) was very adorable and awkward, Robbie Amell (Max) was very handsome as always, and King Bach was super funny in this movie. You all will like the genre.




Millie Bobby Brown is playing the role of Enola Holmes and makes us fall in love with her. She is intelligent like her brother, talented, and brings the true spirit of a young woman. The acting is remarkable and marvelous. The movie itself is brilliant.

A teen movie or we can say a must-watch movie. Enola Holmes was released in 2020. To find her mother, she reveals many veils and gets to know about the reality with the help of Louis Partridge. You will be amazed how she finds new ways and starts the complicated journey herself.





The movie was released in 2019. casting Noah Centineo, Camila Mendes. is a package of funny, romantic, motivational, or truly inspiring. The movie is great and kind of relatable. We are dreaming of things that are not that big but ignore the reality we will face in the future.

But on the other hand, it’s reliving the teenage days. This movie is appropriate for the 18 above age group because of the sensual scenes and dialogues but the concept is pretty good,  to embrace your flaws and not go for a perfect thing. you will love to watch this movie!!



9. MOXIE ( IMDB 6.7):

It is worth watching a movie!! This movie represents society’s reality and how it affects others. We learn lots of lessons from this movie related to friendship, support, feminism, activism, and a lot more. The lead character is like us, who does not always make the right choice but somehow finds a way out.

The other teen actors were talented and nicely presented their characters on screen. This movie is entertaining and brilliant. People loved it, that’s why we suggest you watch this one.



10.  TALL GIRL (IMDB 5.2):

Mind-Boggling 11+ Teen Romantic Movies Available On Netflix

A story about a 6’1 tall girl named Jodi studying in high school and going through the same daily base comments about her height. This movie has a simple concept that represents A tall girl who finds her love of life one day and accepts her for what she truly is.

The movie makes a connection because it’s the reality we don’t like our flaws so how can we accept others. Self-love is important to know one’s self-worth. The movie has few cliches but the ending is well written and the cast is also very good. A good movie to watch!!



11. 6 YEARS (IMDB 5.5):

We think one must watch a movie like this to know the relationship’s reality. We all are in the dream of true fairytale love but some fairy tales have really bad endings. we should get out of that love cocoon and find the truth about relationships.

The person has been cheating for 6 years and for everything he does such a thing he blames it on the other side which is very frustrating to watch. The relationship becomes toxic(we want you to know what toxic means) and reflects the modern teen love story. We truly want you to watch this movie to get a better person in your life.




This movie showcases the things teens suffer from. they captured the awkwardness, adolescence,  complications, love, and other things. This one was released in 1998, as a romantic comedy and drama movie. it’s more about the sex of a person rather than love .life of a person changes when he/she accepts what they are and how they reveal themselves hefty a great movie to watch and somehow get to know about many things about a certain gender’s life.  we surely suggest this one.




In the above article, we have mentioned the list of mind-blowing brilliant teen romantic movies ends but we will keep bringing out the best movies for you. We hope you like this article and send us valuable feedback about some popcorn and enjoy the movies!!



In today’s time, teen romantic movies are popular everywhere whether it is Netflix, amazon prime, or other OTT platforms, everywhere we see teen high school web series/dramas/movies, on top. Who does not like romantic movies, why not right? And if we talk about those movies which have romance, drama, suspense, happy and sad moments, their…

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