Topmost 10 Short Korean Drama Series With Limited Episodes

Korean drama is not only leading in Korea but all around the world. The craze of Korean dramas is getting higher day by day. The charm of their actions and looks mesmerizes everyone. The story of every drama is unique and beautiful. But due to busy schedules, we cannot able to watch long story dramas of 30 to 40 episodes.

Some of us need a short story drama so that we can easily binge-watch them and also watch other things too. That’s why we made this article for you so that you can easily get the list of the top 10 short Korean drama series with limited episodes. So let’s get started!!


Topmost 10 Short Korean Drama Series With Limited Episodes



Released in 2019, with a total of 5 episodes. We think one should watch this series to get out of the fairy tale stories and face reality. This drama represents the actual things that happen to us in our teenage years like betrayal, heartbreak, confusion, struggle, etc.

Topmost 10 Short Korean Drama Series With Limited Episodes

Not every love story ends happily ever after but many times it ends on a sad note and we should accept that, accept the other ones prospectively. In this show, we can see how teenagers hide their feelings to not lose their friendship but we should stay loyal in every sense. It’s a true story which we suggest for everyone to watch.

2. SOUNDTRACK #1 (IMDB 8.3):

This one was released in March 2022, with a total of 4 episodes!!!! I know you must be thinking that how a full story can be completed in just 4 episodes but it’s true! The soundtrack is a beautiful story of romance and friendship, how friendships grow into love.

Topmost 10 Short Korean Drama Series With Limited Episodes

The casting makes it easier to make connections with them in just 4 episodes. Eun-Soo is a beautiful bubbly girl who lives her life freely and works as a lyricist.

Meanwhile, Sun-Woo is a photographer. Watch this show to know their chemistry, understanding, and how they will express their love to each other!! It’s worth watching the show.


Topmost 10 Short Korean Drama Series With Limited Episodes

This one was released in 2020 with a total of 12 episodes. it’s a cute romantic story that is easy to understand and fast. It’s about the contract marriage between two people.

The actors played their characters so well that you wish for more episodes. But not to stretch the show they have gathered it all in just 12 episodes is an art that you must will give you a good feeling at the end.


This series is a mini-series of 4 episodes but in these episodes, we see real things that happened in our lives and are relatable. The story is nostalgic and heartwarming. The location is very astonishing; green fields and mountains are adorable.

Topmost 10 Short Korean Drama Series With Limited Episodes

The cast develops in connection with audiences in a very short period. You will love this high school story.  Our favorite scene is the rainy scene in which we felt the real love between the couples…God !!

It is one of our favorite scenes where they walk to their homes and that bicycle ride.  It’s a sweet romantic comedy. You must watch it.


Topmost 10 Short Korean Drama Series With Limited Episodes

This show is made only for entertainment with those famous gorgeous men in it. The story is kinda cute and the cast is just fabulous! One day a girl who has never dated in her 25-year life meets her Godmother who grants her 7 good-looking men to date.

Lee Cho-hee, Choi Ji-woo, Lee Joon-gi, Park Hae-jin, Ji Chang-Wook, Kim Jong-in and many more…If you are bored and want some story just to entertain then you should go with this one. this one will light your mood !!

6. Queen of the Ring (IMDB 8):

Queen of the ring is a show of 6 episodes that perfectly fits into your long busy schedule and doesn’t play with your mind. It’s also a cute love story and a fascinating one that brings a little bit of light into your life.

Topmost 10 Short Korean Drama Series With Limited Episodes

This show will leave a beautiful message in the end. After all, it’s a happy ending story. A girl(Mo Nan Hee)  who feels insecure about her skin and thinks she is ugly finds a ring from her mother which has the magic to attract a person who puts the ring on her finger.

She also has a crush on her schoolmate who is handsome and a popular boy. To know whether they ship together, watch the show!!


If you are looking for some romance, action, and twist endings then this drama is for you. This one is released in 2020 with 12 episodes. With fewer episodes, still, this one is beautifully written and described. The cast performed well and binds audiences till the end.

Topmost 10 Short Korean Drama Series With Limited Episodes

A 160-year-old goblin is going to transfer into a human but for that, he has to kiss humans and each kiss will awaken a new emotion of a human in him. That sounds great right!! On his mission, he meets a woman Yeon Ah who is an undergraduate, and he gets engaged with his mission.


We suggest this show to you because we simply loved it!! So many emotions in just 10 episodes. The leads are one of our favorites and the story hits differently. If you are looking for some kind of complicated love story, mystery, and Lil drama then this is just made for you.

Topmost 10 Short Korean Drama Series With Limited Episodes

What to love the most about this show is the acting and silent love between Park Jae-aeon(Song Kang) and Yu Na-Bi(Han So Hee). The story keeps getting better with every episode.

It’s a show where two mature people fall for each other but due to flaws and past relationships they are taking it casually but in the end, falls in love and confess it. The sensual scenes are quite bold but kind of adorable. It felt real and beautiful. You should watch this one!!

9. MY NAME (IMDB 7.8):

A famous Korean drama “My Name” consists of 8 epic episodes. It’s popular all over the world because it was released on Netflix origin and gained popularity.

Topmost 10 Short Korean Drama Series With Limited Episodes

It’s action(you will love the action), revenge, drama genre and directed perfectly. You will fall in love with Han So Hee. After watching this show, she acted so well, and damn her action, fighting mind-blowing. You will not get bored even for a second.

It’s about a young high school girl whose father gets murdered by an unknown person and she desperately wants to take revenge for that she joins some organization to find that person.


10. Sweet Home (IMDB 7.3):

The sweet home was released in 2020 with 10 episodes. Sweet home is not just the regular zombie apocalypse but a lot more than that, The plot is completely different and extraordinary because the story is: “there is no monster inside you but you are the Monster itself.” deep!!

Topmost 10 Short Korean Drama Series With Limited Episodes

The acting of the whole cast is supernatural and looked real. The story starts when the girl who runs from the apartment after his family died, He gets depressed and wants to end his life but a strange incident happened in the neighborhood where suddenly everyone started to turn deadly 



The list of top 10 Kdramas limited to 14 episodes ends here but we keep updating you about the new shows, movies, series, and many more. We hope you will like the list and write us valuable feedback. till then enjoy and keep reading!!