Nevertheless, Episode1 explained; Story, Recap and Review


Nevertheless, Episode1 explained; Story, Recap, and Review:  Korean dramas and K-pop music is spreading all over the world and also making a kind of addiction for the people who are fond of watching web series and dramas.

As many of the Korean dramas from last month are still currently ongoing, there wasn’t quite a long list of new shows to come this August. However, that doesn’t mean that we, K-Drama addicts, have nothing much to look forward to! Today we are going to discuss the story of Nevertheless, episode1: ‘THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FATE’


|’Nevertheless, Episode1 explained; Story, Recap and Review ‘|

Genre Romance
Created by JTBC
Based on Nevertheless
by Jung Seo
Written by Jung Won
Directed by Kim Ga-ram
  • Kim Tae-sung
  • Cho Kyung-hee
Country of origin South Korea

Lead roles of the Story: Nevertheless

The main leads of the story are opposite to each other. As we talk about Jae who is the male lead role of the drama is the kind of person who likes to flirt with each other but never wants to get committed to someone. Whereas we talk about our female lead role Na-Bi, who is an innocent and cute girl who wanted to be in a good relationship but due to her bad experience of her past relationship, she doesn’t want to be in such kind of trouble making things.





Opening of the Story: Nevertheless

Na-Bi goes to the Sculpture exhibition of her boyfriend and watches out the erotic sculpture of Na-Bi in a compromising position which is made by her boyfriend. She gets shocked and also gets hurt after seeing this kind of sculpture that is also named as Na-Bi and the people gathered there were also asking and discussing why did the artist had named this sculpture as Na-Bi.

Suddenly her boyfriend calls her by saying her name Na-Bi from right behind her and after listening to this word people started looking at her and stares her. Na-Bi gets humiliated and left the sculpture hall crying. In some of the past scenes, we see that her boyfriend is very dominating and always forces her to sleep with him. But the poor girl in love ignores all those things and agrees with him.


At the present, Na-Bi asks his boyfriend why didn’t consult her at once regarding this sculpture. But instead of apologizing to her, he tells her that she doesn’t understand him. The next morning, when her friends get to know about the sculpture of her boyfriend and not even her friends every single person who might see this sculpture was talking about this.

At the workplace, Na-Bi gets to know from a lady that her boyfriend is cheating on her by having an affair with someone else. Na-Bi went to see him and gets shocked when she saw that her boyfriend was kissing any other girl. On the same night, they meet in a cafe where her boyfriend was telling his non-sense stories and Na-Bi was smiling at her. When he asks her about her smile she breakups with him at that time.


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A New Beginning: Nevertheless

After some days we see her like a freed bird who used to live in a cage. Na-bi goes to her sculpture classes where she meets her friends. Christen is her best friend who is using a dating app, during swiping left and right christen tells Nu-Bi that she doesn’t like boys who had made tattoos.


Here Na-Bi replies to her that not every tattoo person is boring or bad. After listening to this from Na-Bi Christen doubts her and asks her that had she met someone recently but she denies it. She also tells Na-Bi that her junior wants to go on a date with her, but she again disagrees.


The Arrival of a New person: Nevertheless

After the christen lefts, Na-Bi begins to think about her breakup night. on that night Na-Bi was in a restaurant all alone and she got approached by a young and attractive man who thinks that she is her blind date. But Na-bi makes clear to him that she is not one whom he is seeking. Then he moves away from there for a while and calls her blind date woman.

After talking to her blind date woman he comes back and sits near her again. Na-Bi asks him about her date for what he replies that he rejects her because he wants to be with Na-Bi. Na-Bi gets attracted to this stranger and she forgets about her just recent breakup.


They both started playing darts and they both enjoy themselves with each other. After that, he was drawing a butterfly in Na-Bi’s forearm and there she notices a butterfly tattoo on the backside of his neck. She asks him about that it’s a butterfly on his neck and he replies that he loves butterflies.

Na-Bi asks him again why did he draw a butterfly on his forearm rather than anything else. After listening to this he was about to lean towards Na-Bi for a kiss but she doesn’t feel comfortable with it. later they both moved outside and there he offers a cigarette to her but she denies it and tells him that he doesn’t smoke.


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Suddenly a drunk girl approaches them and says to him that she wants that cigarette, but before she takes that cigarette from the stranger, Na-Bi takes it and tries to smoke but she can’t. The stranger asks her he will go with her to see butterflies and he again tries to kiss her but this time Na-Bi makes an excuse for going to the restroom.


Wish to Study Abroad: Nevertheless

After coming back from the restroom she saw that the stranger was on a phone call with someone else with whom he was talking very politely. She doesn’t;t like it and she lefts the restaurant without informing him. The next day at the school, her friends ask him about the tattoo on her forearm that was drawn by the stranger at the restaurant the previous night.


Here her other friend comes whose name is Sol and even not wanting she has to go with Sol in their professor officer to submit her college placement slip. Her professor suggests that she has to reject her study abroad plan due to her grades. Instead of this, she wants Na-Bi to study in Korea and suggests she apply for a nice university.

After taking to Na-bi, the professor gives her university list to Sol and tells her to apply for one of these universities. That’s why she doesn’t want Sol to go with her because she knows that if she some with her, then the professor will compare her with Sol.


Later moving outside the office, Na-Bi gives her university list to Sol and says that she needs it, and Sol receives it too but she tells her that she is not interested to study abroad. After coming back to her classes, she gets worried about her grades. Christen gives her a suggestion to have drinks with them at night after classes.

Also, she tells her that the junior who wants to go on a date with her is also joining us today, but she rejects her proposal. She went to the market where she notices that stranger and tries to chase him but she can’t find him.  Here Christen again messages her for the drinks party that night and this time she agrees with it.


A New Friendship: Nevertheless

At night, when Na-Bi comes to the restaurant to have drinks with her friends, she saw the same stranger in front of him outside the restaurant. After he goes inside Christen tells Na-Bi that he is the one who wants to go on a date with you for a long time. In the restaurant, she gets to know that his name is Jae.


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Na- Bi enjoys being with her friends and she also likes Jae’s romantic side. The bonding between them was going well. Suddenly the waitress who was serving them food drops something on the ground and Jae gives it back to her. Na-Bi doesn’t like it and she moves outside and sits down on the stairs near the restaurant.

After some time, Jae comes to Na-Bi and they both go to buy ice-creams for everyone. While returning to them, he asks her about the previous night why did she leave so early without even informing him and why did she pretend like she doesn’t know him in front of all.


She replied that she was drunk that night and also tells her to forget about it. Jae tries to flirt with her and says that they don’t have talked too much. To show him the tattoo, Na-Bi folds her sleeves and he noticed it. Jae asks her why didn’t rub it and she replies that she tried to remove it many times but failed to remove it.

Jae just smiled and said that its strange because the marker was not waterproof. He asks her that do you have any idea that we will meet again, she replies that she was shocked to see him there. But he replies that he is very happy to see her again.




Later, they gave them all their ice-creams and lefts the restaurant. Jae also says bye to Na-Bi after getting a message from someone and she also asks that is her girlfriend’s message. For which he replies that she doesn’t have any girlfriend and walks away in opposite direction.

After coming back home, she is just thinking about Jae and the next morning she is only looking for him. She also got scolded by her professor because she is not improving. After classes, with her friends, she is going for lunch but one of her friends forgets her Bluetooth ear pods at the workplace. She took the advantage of this and says that she will bring it to him so that she can find Jae.


She finds him at the workplace and learns that the butterfly sculpture has been prepared by Jae. Later, in the classroom, Jae comes to meet Na-Bi and asks why didn’t say a word to him and leave. She replies that was there only for the ear pods.

After that discussion, Na-bi colors Jae’s cheek and he tells her to wash it out but instead of clearing it she again colors his cheek and Jae sprays the water on her with the water spray bottle. Sol and her best friend are watching them through the door and they both agree on the same thing that Na-Bi and Jae both look good with each other.

Later they both went on a walk and there Jae tries to come closer to her, Na-Bi also likes it but she keeps him away from her. He asks why do she works so late at night and she replies that she likes to work at this time. while having a good conversation he asks her about further studies but when she starts to share her ideas, she stops herself by saying that her things are very boring.




But he replies that he doesn’t take it as a boring thing. They both exchange their numbers and she notices that he also has a beautiful butterfly on his lighter. Na-bi tells him that she also wants to see her pet butterflies and he replies that she could see them too if she goes to his house. But she replies to her that she can watch them through his phone.


Na-bi enjoys seeing the video of his pet butterflies and smiles. After seeing her smile, he again moves forwards to kiss her but Na-bi moves her head to the side and asks him to smoke. He replies that she doesn’t smoke so how about we go for drinks. He again tries to flirt with her and again moves towards her to kiss her, this time she also doesn’t hesitate and also moves towards him and by this scene, episode one ends.


What happens next??? Stay connected for the Nevertheless episode 2 review.


Nevertheless, Episode1 explained; Story, Recap, and Review:  Korean dramas and K-pop music is spreading all over the world and also making a kind of addiction for the people who are fond of watching web series and dramas. As many of the Korean dramas from last month are still currently ongoing, there wasn’t quite a long list…


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