Hazal Kaya is one of the highest-paying actresses in Turkey. According to the survey, she was 4th on the list of most admired Turkish women artists. She is beautiful and a hard-working Actress who should be apprised of her marvelous work in Turkish dramas.

She had almost 15 years of career and also she had played many supporting and leading roles in her acting career which were all successful projects in television series and movies. Not only has the trait of beautiful but also a very talented and skillful actress.

Hazal is a well-known and beautiful actress who is nominated 32 times in several award functions and won 14 awards. She is not only famous in Turkey but all over the world. She is very talented as Hazal knows how to play musical instruments since the age of seven and learned Italian, English other than her native language Turkish.

In this article, we have listed the most popular 5 Turkish dramas of Hazal Kaya which shouldn’t be missed at any cost.


Most Popular 5 Turkish dramas of Hazal Kaya


5. Forbidden love:

It’s a Turkish drama released in 2008 and broadcast till 2010.Total of 2 seasons and 79 episodes. Amazing acted by Hazal Kaya and Beren Saat. This drama represents many emotions like jealousy, revenge, cheating, passionate love, and many more.

 Most Popular 5 Turkish dramas of Hazal Kaya

After the loss of their wife, Adnan took care of his two children: a teenage daughter named Nihal and 11-year-old son Bulent and his orphanage relative young boy Behlul who is the son of Adnan’s cousin Adnan devoted all his time to them.

Adnan belongs to a very rich family and lives in his magnificent mansion. After some twists, Adnan falls in love with Bihter who is younger and more beautiful. From this, the story catches twists and emotional turns that gained the attention of audiences.



Our love is not completely a romantic story but a combination of struggle, cheating, motherhood, comedy, and a lot more. Released in 2017 and ended in 2019 with 2 seasons of a total of 70 episodes. starring beautiful Hazal Kaya and famous actor Burak Deniz. We all loved their chemistry in this drama.

 Most Popular 5 Turkish dramas of Hazal Kaya

A daughter(Hazal kaya ) struggling with her family to provide them food and education because of her irresponsible father who is a drunk abuser and a mother who left them a long time ago. The daughter faces many difficulties in raising his sister and brothers, but she always stands with them and sacrifices her happiness for her family.

The hero (Burak Deniz) helps her out and falls in love with her. He is a rich man but hides it from Hazal to achieve her love. Here we can feel the unconditional love between them and how she manages both her family and love life, to know more about it, watch the show !!



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Maral is an ambitious love story consisting of 17 episodes. It is a Romantic/ drama genre. Starring Hazal kaya of course and Aras Bulut Iynemli.

 Most Popular 5 Turkish dramas of Hazal Kaya

An innocent girl works as a waitress in a well-known restaurant named luna.  she only has two dreams one too is to become the manager of Luna and the other is to marry Sarp, who is a rebellious man and worked as a chocolate chief in the same restaurant.

She indeed knows that both dreams are far away from reality but still works with all the devotion. Suddenly one day her fortunes change and the heir of Luna, because of her reasons, asks her to be the manager of Luna and be the in-charge of Luna. Will Maral choose his career over love or will she be able to manage her affairs with Luna?? to know all this watch the drama!!




Most Popular Turkish drama that is not only famous in Turkey but all over the world. This story reveals the true eye of society. The difference between rich and poor. But mainly the unconditional love that everyone desires. This drama consists of 3seasonsn with 80 episodes, starring Hazal Kaya as Feriha and Cagatay Ulusoy as Emir.

 Most Popular 5 Turkish dramas of Hazal Kaya

The poor girl who is intelligent, wise, and beautiful did a lot of hard work and gets a scholarship to the famous top college where she meets Emir who is very rich and handsome, and become good friends. But feriha didn’t reveal her true identity of his status and somehow they both fall in love.

But society and their parents made their life difficult. And when the truth is revealed in front of Emir and others she leaves Feriha and starts drinking heavily. But the love finds its way after the difficulties. Emir in the end marries Feriha. But, unfortunately, Feriha died on the day of her wedding because of her ex-fiance Haleel.To know the reasons, Watch the show.



Recently released in 2022, consisting of 8 episodes, casting Hazal kaya and Selahattin pasaliand you can watch it on Netflix. It’s an amazing show which you cannot miss if you are a true fan of Hazal Kaya. Based on a novel “Charles King “signifying the historic periods of Turkey.

 Most Popular 5 Turkish dramas of Hazal Kaya

The lead Esra decides to visit Istanbul’s one of the most s and prestigious hotels The Pera Palace to find something erotic to make it in the headlines. It’s a show, where we can see the modern Turkish women and also time-traveling 100+past years when life for Turkish women, was very difficult and faced taboos. This show reveals the truth about the society of Istanbul from the past to the present time.




Here is the list of the most popular five Turkish dramas of hazal kaya end here. She is one hard-working actress who is confident and honest about his work. Hazal has won our hearts not only in Turkish dramas but also in other genres.

She knows many languages and knows she is learning German. She is still working and acting for the upcoming series. We will get more of his best shows in our next lists till we keep reading and enjoying our other articles!