Most Popular 6 High School Turkish Series-2021 Updated

Most Popular 6 High School Turkish Series-2021 Updated:  A Turkish drama doesn’t always focus on melodrama, romance, history, comedy, or action. However, some of the best Turkish dramas are based on teenagers. First lovers, friendship, and overall school life whether it be high school or university.

That said, if you are looking for a light instant killing drama to watch, we have prepared a list of Top 10 High School Turkish Series, you need to binge so let’s have a look at our Top 10 High School Turkish Series.


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6. Little secrets:

This high school Turkish series’ story revolves around a group of friends revealing school stereotypical girls and guys. The story is then taken to next level after those students graduate and start experiencing real life with its problems and the daily routine of it to learn later how to keep up with life.

Most Popular 6 High School Turkish Series-2021 Updated

It also tells the stories of their families which are dark complicated and interwoven with disappearing in hatred. As well with lover and darling ad striking manner has never been told before.


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5. Tide:

In the Tide tv series story, you will explore youth relations in a high-class society while watching the love between Yemen and Mira. You will also see the life of Yemen who tries to adjust himself to his new life while discovering a pure love.

Most Popular 6 High School Turkish Series-2021 Updated

Yemen is a good guy who has the potential to be successful in school life if a chance is given to him. However, he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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4. Bitter Sweet Life:

In the Bitter Sweet Life high school Turkish series story, you will explore an enjoyable school life that changes dramatically with the arrival of an idealist literature teacher Hayat. Hayat lives together with her little sister Goste who goes to the same high school where Hayat teaches.

Most Popular 6 High School Turkish series-2021 Updated

After their death, Hayat becomes both a mother and a father to her sister. Tries to do her best to protect her sister from dangers. The story becomes more complicated when her sister’s ex-boyfriend Corey and two other rich students are transferred to this public school.


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3. Orphan Flowers:

In this high school Turkish series’ story, you will explore the difficult life of Evil. She is a 16 years old girl harassed by her stepfather yet her mother did not believe her and she took her to the orphanage and left her daughter there.

Most Popular 6 High School Turkish Series-2021 Updated

Then Elil becomes friends with the girl in the orphanage where each girl has her own story. The girl tried to divorce Elil’s mother and her husband many times but Fredy is an assistant in the orphanage who is always helping the girls when they need her.


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2. First Love:

Yaprak has built a colorful world for four men who are far away from the girls’ world since childhood. Besides them, one day this changes mysteriously because Breeds is entering her life. This change brings her to a discovery towards herself and the world of girls.

Most Popular 6 High School Turkish Series-2021 Updated

Now she has to make a choice, a trouble magnet for love, school. The family of these five young people overcomes every difficulty by holding on to each other that promise they made as a child. That sentence they repeat every time. They fail to summarize our story in the best way.


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1. My Left Side:

My left side is another best high school Turkish TV series. The story is about Sarah and Salim who are made for each other. Yet from different worlds. A mandatory study session of Sarah and Salim also brings new disputes to the school.

Most Popular 6 High School Turkish Series-2021 Updated

Berjik who has been in love with Salim for a long time and Burak who has some feelings towards Sarah, get disturbed by this relationship. Also, Salim assumes that Sarah comes from a wealthy family, even though Sarah doesn’t mention anything about her social status.




Hope you will find your favorite high school Turkish series from the list. If can’t, mention your favorite or best high school Turkish series/ drama in the comment section box. I would love to share your list with others. Also, give some ideas regarding the Turkish series and stay connected for my next blog that will be on best friends to lovers where you can help me out by adding your views and suggestions.


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