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METEOR GARDEN 2018 : The series is based on the story as same of the  Japanese shōjo manga series Boys Over Flowers. The series is produced by the maker of the original Taiwanese series Angie Chai and directed by Lin Helong. The series is set in Shanghai and London. Meteor Garden is a 2018 mainland Chinese television series starring Shen YueDylan WangDarren ChenCaesar Wu, and Connor Leong.



The IMDb rating of the series is 8.1 and it is also liked by 98% google users. In the first episode of this (METEOR GARDEN 2018) series, we see here the girl named Shancai (SHEN YUE), who is a 18 year old an adult girl and lives with her parents in China. Her mother runs a small catering business and her father works as a manager in some private company.

She lives a very normal life as like of the other girls and she was also excited for his new college where she had taken the admission in the nutrition department. In the college, she met with a girl named kaiji who tells her and her friends about the F4 group which is the most popular senior group of the college. F4 is a group of four boys:-

1) MEIZOU (Connor Leong) : He has great interest in Art and Literature. Also he has a great memorizing power which is so good that if he sees/reads any thing then, he never forgets about it. His sense of humor is so good that he can distract anybody.

2) YAN (Caesar Wu) :  He is a very subtle and cautious type person who well plays the mind games with others and a great expert to manipulate others.

3) LIE (Darren Chen) : He is a music expert and is quite generous type person whose smile is enough to win others heart.

4) SI (Dylan Wang)  : He the last member and the leader of the F4 group. He is a finance expert who had earned millions in his teenage.


All the four are the best friends forever and nobody could come between them.All of them had achieved many achievements in their own fields and that’s why, they are popular in their college. Kaiji tells Shancai and her friends not a single students of this had ever challenged them and whoever challenges them, he/she give ups from there challenge.(“METEOR GARDEN” ‘2018’)

They send a joker card to the persons they choose personally for the challenge and according to this, he/she have to compete with them. Later, Shancai gets the joker card in her locker and she gets shocked by seeing the card. All this happens because of a controversy from which she had said some words in anger to Si that makes him angry too.


Poor angered girl, Shancai straightly moves towards the roof of the college and shouts over there very loudly and speaks some bad words for the F4 group members. Later a moment, she noticed that Lie was also there sitting of boxes over there in the roof and had listened to every single word of Shancai that she had spoken in anger. Lie comes to her, and says that it’s her choice to compete with them and he moves away.

Here the scene’s come where Shancai burst her anger and decides to take revenge from Si and fights back. She was that much in anger where she gave a strong flying kick to the face of Si in front of whole college and which makes Si unconscious.(this scene was amazing, seriously)

After this incident, Shancai feels good but whole college starts sarcasm her for that incident. Later, Si send his two servants ta pick Shancai from her college and to drop her to the Doaming Si house, where she gets the VIP’s treatment and gets her makeover. Shancai doesn’t know about anything, exactly what’s going on?


Here the Si comes and says that it’s her way to approach people and its up to her, to be her girlfriend and she will never have any problem in this. And here we understands that Si is interested in Shancai and he wants to be her boyfriend. He thinks that by showing off his money, he could make her fall for him.

But, to be surprised, Shancai shouts over Si’s proposal and deny it by throwing her heels towards Si that was given by him and moves outside. Si gets more angry by this act of Shancai. Aftre this, Si comes to Shancai and tries to talk to her but, she ignores him and move away which he doesn’t likes but still he chases her and talks to her, where Shancai compliments Si over his hairstyle.(“METEOR GARDEN” ‘2018’)

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Next day, Si comes to Shancai with a new phone to give it to her but she doesn’t accepts it and later Si keeps stalking her. He notices her with her’s best friend every time he see to her which makes him feel jealous and in this jealousy factor he also sends a joker card to her best friend. Shancai understood everything and confronts her not to bully her and her friends.

Later Si gets more jealous and chases her every time he sees her. Next day, Si continuously stares at her which makes Shancai uncomfortable and she hits someone that makes her fall to the  ground and her food too.That also creates a fight between Lie and Si and everybody shocks to see this that the most popular college F4, group members are fighting over a girl.


Later, Shancai gets sick and takes the bed rest at home where one day Si comes to see her at her house and that shocks her. Rather her parents feels good to see that somebody had come to see after her from college. Shancai tries her best to him out of her house but Si suddenly accepts Shancai mother’s dinner proposal and stays till the dinner is ready. At the time of dinner, she gets really shocked by observing Si’ calm and composed nature.(“METEOR GARDEN” ‘2018’)

Later Shancai and her best friend ang the F4 group, both went to Hawaii in their holidays where Lie’s girl friend Jing, invites her to the club party and also invites her to Jing’s birthday party. Si goes fascinated by seeing the beauty of shancai in the club party and where by accidentally, both kissed each other and had their first kiss. After some scenes, we see that, Lie confesses to Shancai that she is important to him and that is the reason he fights with Si for her.

Si and Lie also forgets about their fight and both become again friends. Next morning, in the college, Si again started bulling her that also shocks the other members of F4 group by noticing weird behavior of him.Read more in wikipediaMETEORGARDEN2018  


You can watch the drama series in Telegram, YouTube, VIKI app.


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