LOVE 101 SEASON 2 | UPCOMING TURKISH WEB SERIES ON NETFLIX: Release date announced. Given how much controversy Netflix’s new Turkish series LOVE 101 stirred up before it even premiered? There will likely be a great deal of scrutiny in closing a possible season 2.

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The show follows a group of diehard schoolers in 1990’s Turkey who try and fix their structure Miss Pura Q together with all the baseball coaches. Their motivations are pure if Perkey leaves college.

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The pupils will probably left at the mercy of the rigorous school but their meddling isn’t white Turkish viewers are mad. According to Reuters, ten of thousands of Turks have taken issue with the fact that there may be a homosexual character in the series. (LOVE 101 season 2)

Prompting calls for a boycott from the nation. We will not tolerate broadcasts which are contrary to the national and religious values of the society. It will be Kir Satan president of the radio and televisions Supreme Council inform the Turkish newspaper Janiak it for Reuters.

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Netflix turkey also made its own statement apparently downplaying the rumor a lot of untrue information is dispersing from bogus accounts think only what you hear from us about the series and the characters not the rumors SiC.

LOVE 101 follows a bunch of misfits that are on the brink of expulsion and their dominating instructor is their only hope. Unfortunately she is planning to prevent that a strategy is devised by the gang and to leave but things go awry and tragedy strikes.


 Audiences and critics praised season one because of its depiction of adolescent angst character growth and performances from the main cast. After binge watching the very first season, fans waiting for an update on the launch date of LOVE 101 season 2.

Here LOVE 101 season 2 release dates: LOVE 101 premiere in its entirely on April 24th 2020 on Netflix. It consists of 8 episodes with a runtime of 45-50 minutes each. Season one ends on a cliffhanger so, the founders had left the door open for another season which might reveal the identity of the person behinds the cabins door.


When the rumors begin to spread that one of those characters on the series could possibly be gay but upon its launch, the series found itself. A lot of Turkish citizens voiced their outrage regarding the same.

Netflix turkey denied the allegations in a statement that read a lot of false information is spreading from more than what you hear from us about the series and the characters not the rumors can this prevent Netflix? Probably not! Why?


 Well Netflix faced a similar situation with 13 expectations when many audiences objected to the picture suicide scene. Although, the scene was eliminated afterwards Netflix renewed for not let the two seasons and went ahead.

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So, there is a high chance that the network might revive the Turkish adolescent drama for another season. If sand when that occurs we could expect Love 101 season 2 to launch sometime in 2021 on Netflix.

LOVE 101 season cast who isn’t it except for a few all year one single quote s cast members might reprise their role. Sucker and pit fame Camilla as known as, may return as the cream of his nimble and fierce.

Don’t let go my hand. Actor Alina Bose might go back to depict youthful Eva while selahattin pas Sally black might reprise his role as Osman. Kid to see celebrity I picked Elijah’s Ichi can return to playas ik.


The returning cast members may also comprise baby seal his adult is ik. Raven Ally is adult either peanut and, Mrs. Instructure Brooke you can their can chug lewis basketball coach kamal among others.


Season 2nd of may also feature some new faces. LOVE 101 season 2 plot what is it concerning? Season one follows that five teams will become the middle of attraction after committing series of rebellious acts like forming a team comprising nerds who help out the typical pupils making out with the mentor assaulting a basketball trainer etc. (LOVE 101 season 2)

Their only opportunity at expulsion is to convince their teacher burke you to not leave the college the kids set out on a mission to make burke you fall in love with their basketball coach kamal.

To ensure that things do not go as planned the teenagers fall in trouble and get expelled for burke you came who confesses his love in the finale as she’s leaving and they kiss. Following few years jump, an adult as it gets fun to meet at their hangout place which is in a dilapidated condition and sends letters.



EDA breaks down admitting her mistake of abandoning their group year that they were expelled and turns up. The Shack starts to fall and they feel someone behind the door way. Since, the gets get up to depart. Season 2 my pick up straight in the end of this first season. (LOVE 101 season 2)

We can expect to understand the identity of the person who knocks the door in the end of season one. Who’s it going to be? Carol more Osmand? This season may put its attention on whether the group could band together or remain dispersed following the catastrophe.

It may also explore Kamal and Burke whose connection will then to stay in love or fall from a three kiss of Destiny? Will is it ever be able to fill the void in her heart?  Season 2 will probably answer all the above questions and much more. LOVE 101’s trailer as we wait to get a formal update on LOVE 101 season 2 take a look at the trailer for season 1 above.

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