Korean dramas also known as Kdramas are so popular all over the world. The Korean waves are getting into every country and are highly demanded and loved by other countries. They are quite predictable,  set cliffhangers, and are of high quality.

The stories that make your heart melt and beat for love. Their Handsome actors will flutter your mind and body, and beautiful plus talented actresses make you fall in love. The leading boy’s band BTS has a separate fan base all over the world.

The craze for Korean dramas, movies, and k -pop songs are rising day by day. Now the fun is we can easily find the best Korean dramas to watch on Netflix with the label as Netflix originals. So here is the article for the best Korean dramas to watch on Netflix. We know you all were eagerly waiting for this one,  so here it is!! So why are we waiting?? Let’s get started!


Topmost 7 Korean Dramas To Watch On Netflix


1. LOVE ALARM (IMDB: 6.8):

Topmost 7 Korean Dramas To Watch On Netflix [2022]

This show was released in 2019 with 2 seasons and 14 episodes. Love Alarm was the first Korean show which was confirmed to pick up Netflix to rank as the 6th most-watched Korean drama worldwide. The ending is so beautiful and realistic, the love between Jojo and Hye Yeong is supreme beyond description. We love chemistry.

The love scene will melt your heart and wish to have their kinda story. The story is different and extraordinary. The cast is extremely talented and skillful. We highly recommend this one because it’s not a normal high school love show but beyond that!!

From the sources, we get to know about season 3 of love alarm. Only the fans are hoping for it because till now Netflix didn’t make anything out. But we hope for the best.



Topmost 7 Korean Dramas To Watch On Netflix [2022]

Now we are going to talk about the Netflix original show which set its peak high and is loved by every zombie lover…!!! Released in 2022 with 97% of people liking the show. This series is not only about zombies and how humans survived but a lot more than that.

Here we get to learn about many things, including love, sacrifice, real friendship, courage, and human mentality. It’s a unique story because the plot is different, the zombie’s effect is different, and sees how teenagers survived altogether in a team.

The whole cast is legit!! The total no. of episodes is 12 with season 1. Full package of suspense and thrill. Every age group will love this show and learn many lovely things to value their life.



Topmost 7 Korean Dramas To Watch On Netflix [2022]

We love this new Netflix original Korean drama. Happiness drama is everything we need to watch in this covid period. This one was released in 2021, with 1 season and 12 episodes. You will get connected and relate everything that happened with all of us.

The story is not like classic Korean drama but is full of thrill, suspense, mystery, monsters, and of course love. We get the real meaning of love from happiness drama. The cast is next level. Park Hyung-Sik as Jung Yi-Hyun is a Detective in this drama.

The acting skills are mind-blowing and the connection he created with Yoon Sae-Bom (Han Hyo-Joo) is dynamic, literally! Both the actors won our hearts with their love connection and chemistry.

A kind of zombie apocalypse but a unique kind of infection that is transferred into the body with a certain medicine and makes a person a Monster day by day. it’s hard to recognize who is infected and who is not!



Topmost 7 Korean Dramas To Watch On Netflix [2022]

If you love epic, complicated, or toxic love stories then friends this one is just made for you. Released in 2021, with 1 season and 10 episodes. The lovemaking scenes of Nevertheless’s story are very realistic and sensual. The acting by both the lead actors is phenomenal. 

The angles taken by The directors, the plot, little The story is about when a playboy Park Jae-Aeon (Song Kang) falls in love with a beautiful and mature girl Yoo Na-Bi (Han So-Hee). Jae and Na Bi, are heartbroken and do not want to trust anyone. She is pursuing sculpture art and wants to become one.

There she finds Park Jae Eon who is her junior and once met before in the restaurant. There is a love story or we can say a complicated toxic love story starts but the ending is beautiful. The second lead is also very talented. In short, you are gonna love this new Gen z love.


5. MY NAME (IMDB 7.8):

Topmost 7 Korean Dramas To Watch On Netflix [2022]

A famous Korean drama” My Name ” consists of 8 epic episodes, released in 2021. it’s based on a crime. It’s popular all over the world because it was released on Netflix originally and gained huge popularity. It’s action(you will love the action), revenge, drama genre and directed perfectly.

You will fall in love with Han So Hee after watching this show, she acted so well, and damn her action, fighting mind-blowing. You will not get bored even for a second.

It’s about a young high school girl whose father gets murdered by an unknown person and she desperately wants to take revenge for that she joins some organization to find that person.



Topmost 7 Korean Dramas To Watch On Netflix [2022]

Just ended up watching this show, WOW!! We think it’s the best Korean drama to watch. Released in 2019 with 1 season of 16 episodes. This one will be on the top of the list because it’s a masterpiece. Every line is magical, deep, and realistic.

This cast is our favorite one. Every single person did an amazing job and performed very well. From leads to supporting actors everyone is quite talented. The story is about a famous South Korean girl who by chance in an accident crosses the border and lands in North Korea.

There she finds a military man who saves her from men and keeps her in his home.  He did everything to protect her and wanted to send her back to the South but something came up with everything. 

The lead actor Hyun Bin (Lee Jeong hook)  is very handsome and disciplined, kind of rude but a good-hearted person. The lead actress  Son Ye Jin (Yoon Se RI ) is very beautiful and childish in this drama but quite intelligent. Watch how they continue their love story and face the consequences too.



Topmost 7 Korean Dramas To Watch On Netflix [2022]

The drama is so heart-wrenching, beautiful, and fabulous. The costumes, music, scenes, dialogues, actors, editing, production..everything is on the line.  Released in 2020 with 16 episodes. This show won’t disappoint you for a single second.

It’s a happy ending show, the last episode is so beautiful that it will make you cry. Oh, Jung Se did amazing acting. How he acted in the whole series is phenomenal. This show is for those who think they are “Not Okay” because it’s okay not to be okay!!

We are astounded by the animation, cinematography, writing, and acting. The story is about an orphan boy who is a caregiver and lives with his elder brother who has autism. The story starts when Moon Gang-tae starts working with OK Psychiatric Hospital and there accidentally meets Ko Moon-young, who is a famous writer.

They both fell in love with each other despite her dark past. They get to know about each other’s past and still live with each other in the end. It’s worth watching!!



The list ends here of the best Korean dramas to watch on Netflix right now! you will fall in love with these Korean dramas. They are unpredictable and unique. Each story has something to tell and teach. We felt connected with them in each episode.

We laugh when they laugh, we cry when they cry!! All the emotions were shown perfectly and the actors did fabulous work. From leads to supporting actors, directors, cinematography, graphics, stories, twists and turns everything is on the line.

Above we discussed 7 top Korean dramas to watch on Netflix. We will keep updating you about the latest series, movies, actors, actresses, dramas, and a lot more. We hope you liked the article and write us good feedback. Till then keep enjoying reading!!