Upmost 6 Korean Dramas That Will Make You Cry- 2022 Updated 

Korean drama fever is rising day by day all over the world. From teens to adults, men to women everyone loves watching Korean dramas or Kdramas in their free time. The cast of Korean dramas is very passionate and talented.

Not only their beauty but their acting skills are breathtaking. They can deliver a dialog even through their eyes. Talking about the storyline, The story seems so perfect that we cannot stop our tears from falling for them.

Many people like Korean dramas for emotional connection which makes their emotions come alive. So we made this article for you people, where you can easily get the list of top Korean dramas that will make you cry all of the sudden !! So grab some tissues and let’s start the list!!


Upmost 6 Korean Dramas That Will Make You Cry- 2022 Updated 



Upmost 6 Korean Dramas That Will Make You Cry- 2022 Updated 

Wow!! just wow! What a brilliant show. We never think we have watched something like this piece of art. seriously the best Korean drama to watch anytime, anywhere. Wiping our tears and telling you about the show is so heartwarming.

It’s a beautiful show, perfectly cast by Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. They are perfectly made for each other, The good news is they are married now even in real life. Blessed to watch their chemistry, cute fights, love, sacrifice, crying for each other, and a lot more.

The story is about a popular fashion sensation South Korean girl who accidentally crosses the border and lands in North Korea. Where he finds a handsome military man who saved her and kept her in his house. He always protected her and wanted to send her back to her home in the South.

The lead actor Hyun Bin (Lee Jeong hook) is a handsome young intelligent army man who is a little offbeat but with a golden heart. The lead actress  Son Ye Jin (Yoon Se RI ) is a beautiful young girl who is a little outspoken in this drama but very intelligent.

The last few episodes, where we laugh, cry, get super emotional with them. The acting skills of supporting actors are just incredibly realistic. Totally grab tissues, because it’s worth watching and we surely and highly recommend this one!



Upmost 6 Korean Dramas That Will Make You Cry- 2022 Updated 

We think we never really talked about this piece of art. Goblin is one of our favorite Korean dramas. Firstly let’s talk about the story, each and every character is connected which automatically forms a beautiful circle.

We love how chronologically they have arranged all the events of the story, all the events fall in the exact place and time where they should be in both the past and the present storyline. The poetic lines are used in some scenes to create a connection with emotions.

Goblin/Kim shin- Gong Yoo: the lonely and great goblin who saves many innocent people, alone all the time, also waiting for his bride, so that she could remove the invisible sword so that he can die from the immortal curse for life for 900 years.

Ji Eun Tak / Kim Go- Eun: The most adorable and beautiful character of Goblin. An orphan girl who was once protected by the same Goblin and get a mark on her neck, which able her to see ghosts, and spirits. And one day she gets to know that she is a goblin bride.

Things we loved the utmost – Kim so Hyun, Kim min Jae, the chemistry between all the characters, suspense, the romance, friendship, humor, mostly the love story of Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak!


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Upmost 6 Korean Dramas That Will Make You Cry- 2022 Updated 

The most popular Korean drama of 2022 or after squid game on Netflix originals.  97% of people liked this TV show, with season 1 and 12 episodes, the directors, story writers, and the whole team delivered the show in the best position.

The cast is one of the best actors, and actresses they all well performed and brilliantly showcased their characters. It’s a unique story of friendship, revenge, family love, and a lot more. We can feel many emotional roller-coasters in this drama.

The president of the class is one of my favorite characters because she was totally unexpected, she did something unpredictable. On-jo and Cheong-San are different kinds of love too, for us we mean they have been together since they were kids so they knew each other very well.

Nam-Ra and Su-Hyeok, their love grows for each other so much that they can even sacrifice their lives for each other. Full package of suspense, mystery, thrill, friendship, and love. From teens to adults everyone will love this show and learn many beautiful things to value in their life.



Upmost 6 Korean Dramas That Will Make You Cry- 2022 Updated 

This one was released in 2014, with season 1 and 16 episodes. The actor is even nominated for the Baeksang Arts Award for Best Leading Actor in TV and many more for this drama. We can say it’s the best realistic story about mental health.

The story was delivered artistically by the actors who put so much of their emotions into it. It actually gives the feel of realistic emotions. The amazing chemistry between the leads Jo in sung and Gong Hyo Jin. It’s full of excellent themes, complex personalities, family issues, and health in a forthright manner but maintains an upbeat mood.

We were delighted to watch this masterpiece. The story is about a writer who suffers from a mental illness meets a boy or a psychiatrist who is also facing some illness. It’s a unique love story where we clearly see what mental illness does to people’s minds.


5. REPLY 1988:Upmost 6 Korean Dramas That Will Make You Cry- 2022 Updated 

This show is truly wholesome in everything. It teaches us many important things about life.it brings out the days we miss the most. Even if we are not from that generation still the directors, lead actors, and supporting actors of them made us fully connected with the show.

We can keep this story to ourselves, it’s that much amazing!! The comedy elements, sibling fights and laughing together, love between them was the best relatable thing. The love story with many twists, plots, and turns. Jung Hwan is the second favorite character that every girl can desire in men.

It’s an entertaining plus that redefines the meaning of love. Every household is having family and sibling problems, where( Deoksun) is the middle child and craving for attention and care from her family, or when Junghwan being the youngest in his family has to set up the eating utensils and then asks for a younger sibling from his parents.

The bond they have shown between neighbors, friends, family, and siblings is a very important thing to show in such dramas. Not that cringy, not that blunt friendship between them. You will attain a sense of peace because you will connect with them.


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Upmost 6 Korean Dramas That Will Make You Cry- 2022 Updated 

This drama was released in 2016, with 20 episodes in 1 season. Casting the best, Kim Woo-bin, Bae Suzy, and Lim Joo Eun. If you actually want to cry over a fabulous story then you should definitely watch this one. The reviews have told about the tragic ending but you should give it a shot. Their chemistry was also really good for the romantic scenes.

The story itself was gripping and a bit emotionally intense and you will find yourself moving to the next episode so fast, the story ended with all the major conflicts resolved and villains punished but we don’t know whether our hero ended up dying or not, but they ended their love story by being together in his dream home he had built for them after so many forces trying to keep them apart.

Just makes you feel emotions deep in your heart – whether it is feeling the butterflies, happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, or a mix of all. Also, we think the ending was beautiful.



The list ends here of the best Korean dramas that will make you cry! You will fall in love with these Korean dramas. They are unpredictable and unique. Each story has something to tell and teach. We felt connected with them in each episode.

We laugh when they laugh, we cry when they cry!!  From leads to supporting actors, directors, cinematography, graphics, stories, twists and turns everything is on the line. Above we discussed 6 top Korean dramas that will make you cry.

We will keep updating you about the latest series, movies, actors, actresses, dramas, and a lot more. We hope you liked the article and write us good feedback. Then grab some tissues and watch the above dramas and keep enjoying reading!!