Topmost 5 Korean Dramas That Have Been Remake

Many Korean dramas are remade in other countries and in different languages. They are quite famous and gained popularity in less time. other countries showcase it as it was made in Korea but some add and subtract twists and turns to make it more real or relatable.

You will get surprised if you get to know about some series that are the remake of the Korean ones. Also, they have changed their names, cast of course, and a little bit of story too but we have gathered it all by our (secret sources) and made a list of remakes that other countries have made. So what are we waiting for? Let’s start the article !!


Topmost 5 Korean Dramas That Have Been Remake-You Must See


1. Boys Over Flowers AS Meteor Garden 2018:

This Korean drama is adapted from Japanese Manga by Yoko Kamio. It was broadcasted in 2009. It became quite popular and gained positive feedback.  more recently it was adapted by a Chinese remake namely Meteor Garden released in 2018 and now The Thai adaption is made in 2021.

SIMILARITIES: The story is maximum similar to each other, The conclusion was the same and has given a happy ending to both the leads in both the series. The violence in Boys Over Flower is more than in Meteor Garden. In BOF the characters are in high school but in Meteor garden they are in the university which made it more reliable.


PLOT: A high school is set for wealthy kids. The one group of most handsome and rich boys is famous and known as F4. A girl Geum Jan-Di (Hye seon Ku) is a poor girl who got admitted to this prestigious school and got into these 4 popular and good looking boys So Lee-Jeong (Kim Beom), Song Woo-Bin (Kim Jun), Jun-Pyo (Min-ho Lee) and Yun Ji-Hu (Hyeon-Jung Kim).

It’s a kind of story where enemies fall for each other. after bullying the girl Jan Di, the boy from F4 Jun Pyo starts falling for her but after many twists, turns and jealousy they get each other.

 METEOR GARDEN: The only difference is the cast. The rest of the story is the same, a few changes have also been made by the writer but the rest of the plot is the same. Starring Shen Yue, Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Caesar Wu, and Connor Leong.

In Meteor garden, the boys from F4 are famous in the university because of their intelligence and Bridge skills and the foreign awards and are individually talented but in Boys over flowers, the F4 is famous because of their father’s wealth.

The girl Shan Cai worked with her best friend in a Milk tea shop but in Boys Over Flowers, the girl lead works in a small restaurant. The episodes in Meteor garden are 49 and in BOF the episodes are 25.


2. Oh My Ghost AS Oh My Ghosts:

With a 9.5 rating in Korea, this Korean drama is very popular, released in 2015 with season 1 and  16 episodes. This Korean drama is adapted by Thai and with the name “oh my ghosts“, released in 2019 and became quite popular in Thai.

SIMILARITIES: Both Korean and Thai have the same story, but if you are against a remake then go with Korean. In the Korean version, they have received immensely good reviews and have a separate fan base. On the other hand, the Thai version is not yet popular, has 7.2 ratings, and does not get many reviews because certainly, the story is the same, just the characters are different. 

PLOT: As the name itself reveals the suspense. A young beautiful lady who works as a chief sees ghosts sometimes because her grandmother was a shaman and now she gets possessed by a spirit who wants to complete the business to have sex.

Things get crazy after she starts hitting on the boss. you will enjoy this and cannot get enough of it. we have seen both the Thai and Korean versions,  we suggest you watch the Korean version. Because if you love the Korean one you should go for that version too.


3. Signal Korean Drama AS Signal Japanese Drama:

The signal drama was released in 2016 in South Korea and adopted in 2018 in Japan. Casting  Lee Je-hoon, Kim Hye-soo, and Cho Jin-Woong.This drama is based on a True criminal Story event that happened in Korea which involves the Hwaseong murder case.


SIMILARITIES: The plot of both the series is the same. The Japanese adapted the Korean show and made some changes in cinematography, and graphics. Japanese drama is much closer to reality, the action, and suspense are mind-bending.  Both the Japanese and Korean drama Signal is worth watching.

PLOT: As the story is based on a True criminal incident that happened in Korea many years ago,  the case of a female kidnapper and a policeman is described thoroughly. The story is about a policeman who worked on criminal cases and doesn’t trust other cops because when he was younger,  his friend and brother got kidnapped.

No one investigated it properly even when he went to the police station to tell him about the kidnapper, the policeman didn’t take him seriously and now coincidentally he recognizes another Detective who is still working on that kidnapping case, and both get involved with the help of walkie talkie.


4. My Love From Stars AS My Love From Another Star:

Korean-based originally and adapted by Filipino and named My Love from Another Star. In Korea, it was released in 2013 and in Filipinos was released in 2019 with 16 episodes. My love from the star is very famous and loved by Korean and other audiences but doesn’t get the same response from the Filipinos side. It’s a romantic comedy, fantasy genre.


SIMILARITIES: The story plot is the same, starting to ending, with twists and turns, suspense everything is similar in both the series. But the original always is better than the remake. The cast is talented, the graphics seem cartoonish in Filipino drama.

We suggest if you want to watch My love from the star,  then go with the Korean version. But you should also watch the Filipino version of it. It is worth watching.


PLOT: An alien who has been living on earth for 400 years, falls in love with the famous actress Cheon Song-Yi after meeting her. The story has many twists, romance, good story, great direction, and mind-blowing graphics.

You will love this show and also the cast is very talented, they perfectly reflect their characters. Watch to know about the alien. It’s a love story and whether he went home or not.


5. Fated To Love You AS You Are My Destiny:

You are my destiny is an adaptation of the famous Korean drama Fated to love you. Both were released in 2014. You are my destiny is a Thai drama with the same story as fated to love you. The Korean version received high ratings and became very popular.


SIMILARITIES: The story is similar, the cast is different of course but mainly both the shows are highly recommended by us because the cast is different so you will enjoy both the series.

PLOT: A simple girl who worked in an office where she is also called “post-it” because can’t say no to her colleagues.

She also desires a man from her office and one day the man asked her out for a dinner. another day in the office, a trip was organized on an island where somehow things go wrong, (won’t spoil it for you ), and on the girl lead finds out that she is pregnant there q melodramatic plus romantic story starts. You should watch this show for the best drama, story, and comedy.



The above dramas are related to each other or not, it just depends on our research and sources. It’s up to you whether you believe it or not. This article is made just for fun and to acknowledge you about your favorite dramas. There are other versions also but we only mention those who adapted them in the first place.

The article ends here but we keep updating you about the latest series,  dramas,  movies, and a lot more. We hope you liked the article and write us reasonable feedback. Till then keep enjoying reading!!