Topmost 7 Korean Dramas Like Nevertheless- Similar Dramas Like Nevertheless

We know that you are obsessed with the famous Korean drama  “Nevertheless “. And also obsessing over that playboy( Song Kang ) Park Jae Aeon because it’s human nature we think to fall for bad boys who are emotionally unstable and always get in the path of a beautiful young innocent girl who is just getting over her past.

Our beautiful girl is Yu Na Bi (Han So Hee) who is doing sculpture art and met this playboy and both clicked with each other. But because of their insecurities, trust issues, past, and love all get mixed and turn it into a very complicated dating relationship

But with the happy ending, we wrap its first season and fall for them. Now we want to get over them by watching dramas like Nevertheless. So here is the list of Korean dramas like Nevertheless. So let’s get started!!


Topmost 7 Korean Dramas Like Nevertheless- Similar Dramas Like Nevertheless 


1. More Than Friends (IMDB 6.7)

Topmost 7 Korean Dramas Like Nevertheless

Released in 2020, with 1 season of 16 episodes. Casting Shin Ye Eun, Omg Seong-wu, Kim Dong-Jun.

This drama is also considered the best drama of 2020. Even from the title of the drama, you can guess the story 

romance, comedy, and tragedy mean we can say it perfectly matches our title.

How after 10 years of misunderstandings and misconceptions, friends confess their love to each other. It’s how real love works. one cannot forget about the true feelings and warmth.

We can say it’s a teen drama also because,e in dating or casual relationships, love has been taken for granted and in this drama, we can feel the real love vibes. We highly recommend this drama to you.

2. Tempted (IMDB 7.2)

Topmost 7 Korean Dramas Like Nevertheless

Tempted is a Korean-based drama released in 2018, with 1 season and 32 episodes. Casting Woo does hwan, Moon Ga Young, joy, Kim Min Jae.

Tempted is a well-balanced, sophisticated, and fairly uncomplicated love story. All the actors put life to their characters. The director and pace script is also up to the mark.

How the rich people forced marriages on their mostly felt realistic and relatable.

The story is about a great Seducer or womanizer who takes their best to seduce a kind, young and beautiful woman who is also a role model for many.

The womanizer rich Kwon Shi Hyun person thinks he can seduce any woman and doesn’t feel any shame to do that.  But the tables turn when he falls for this young lady Eun Tae Hee.

The story is somehow related to the Nevertheless and we think you will like this one too.


Topmost 7 Korean Dramas Like Nevertheless

Yes!! The lead actor is Song Kang who is also in the drama. That’s also one reason we picked this show for you. we cannot deny that he is very charming and anyone can easily get impressed by him.

Released in 2022, with season 1 and 16 episodes. This Korean drama is our new addiction. The chemistry between leads. We loved to watch with a perfect blend of office, romance, weather knowledge, and relationships. 

The way it subtly but realistically portrays the ups and downs of all relations, and also gives clever weather analogies for them- it’s proof of the hard work that went beyond writing the script.

 Very talented Park min young as Jin ha Kyung is so perfect. She portrays how she can easily handle the situation with her good communication.

Every episode is meaningful, Man with busy schedules; a failing husband and father, a working woman with responsibilities, a confused and disheartened co-worker, a mother who wants her daughters to get a good life; nagging about marriage.

Must watch drama.



Topmost 7 Korean Dramas Like Nevertheless

This drama is based on a Japanese Manga  Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru. The liar and his lover is a Korean drama released in 2017 with 1 season of 16 episodes. Casting Lee Hyun Woo, Joy, and Song Kang.

90% of the people liked this show. The storyline is about music and love. A high school girl, ‘Yoon Soon Mi’, wants to become a singer. She is in a band with her two friends, who are her classmates.

She felt love at first sight after seeing the producer-K or we can say love at the first song, here starts the beautiful journey of love. There are so many charming moments in The Liar and his lover, like the producer realizing the trio band after they signed it.

Yes, of course, the umbrella moment, producer-K gives the umbrella to soo rimi, and it becomes their third meeting by accident, although soo rimi doesn’t know it. it’s like an adult romantic comedy so if you’re looking for that then you should go with this one…!!


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Topmost 7 Korean Dramas Like Nevertheless

Released in 2021, with 1 season and 16 episodes. Casting Jang Ki Yong, Song Hye Kyo, Sehun. Now we are breaking up in a South Korean-based drama. The story is romantic which is very magical to believe.

Adult romance if you get it. Good cinematography, plot, twists, romance, cast everything is on its line. It beautifully presented the story of three women and their families.

How a woman sacrifices everything for love and rebuilt her life by ignoring her heartbreak, how another woman sacrifices her life for being a regular housewife, only to realize.

She should have lived more for herself when her time in the world is short, and last how a woman loses confidence in herself as a woman worthy of being loved, despite being rich and beautiful, and how she gains it back. Even the dialogues were impacted.  It’s quite worth watching.



Topmost 7 Korean Dramas Like Nevertheless

A South Korean-based drama was released in 2018 with 1 season and 16 episodes. Casting Seo In UK, Seo Eun soo, Go Min si,  Lee Hong bin. The audience gave it a 4.9 rating out of 5.

This drama is very addictive from start to end. You can’t get bored even for a single scene because every episode has something new to tell. A very interesting storyline, very unpredictable, and full of twists, thrillers, and love.

The chemistry between leads is amazing.  The lead is very talented because every time he smiles there is no happiness left in his eyes which is incredible to watch.

The ending is not that romantic happy ending but you will get satisfied at the end. The connection is felt when they cry and when they laugh. We too get emotional and excited. That’s the quality of a good drama. Finally,  a must-watch drama.



Topmost 7 Korean Dramas Like Nevertheless

A rom-com television K- drama released in 2021 with 1 season of 16 episodes.  Casting Kim Seon ho, Shin Min-a, Kim Ji-Hyun.

Hometown cha-cha-cha is a super feel-good, positive, relaxing, and healing drama that we all need in a time like this. The conflicts are relatable and the acting is perfectly done. The producers did a fantastic job in the story-telling.

Not too cringy and not all too predictable. Set in a laid-back coastal town of a fictional province -Gongjin, the story takes us on a journey of a city girl with a good job, a good income, and a proud dentist who met a laid-back, frugal simple man who fixed it all and found love. Not everything is perfect but you will love this one.

it felt like you were celebrating with them crying with them. Hometown cha cha cha excels in its technical aspects, direction and storytelling were impeccable, and cinematography was poetic. If you are reading this and still avoid it watch, won’t know what else you need then!!



The list of Korean dramas like Nevertheless is ended here but don’t get upset, we will keep updating you about new series, latest dramas,  famous movies, and a lot more.

We hope you like our list where you can experience love, dating,  casual relationships, romance, thrillers, and mystery. 

The politeness in dramas is quite impressive but in this list, you can experience every emotion and feeling.

We also accept that you will write us valuable feedback too!! Until the next article, keep reading and enjoying!!