Korean shows right now are at their peak. These shows are loved by so many people and it’s becoming popular day by day are people are dying heart these shows.

The actors of the show are also very loved due to their personalities, looks, and most important their performance and acting. Are you a K-drama fan?

If yes you are in right place you will find some amazing content on Korean shows and series here. We here share are best suggestions in every category.

Today we are going to list some of the Korean dramas based on real life. These kind of shows are always very exciting as it depicts or represents the true story of people.

We like some real-life-based stories like it a message for everyone. Korean dramas always have a moral or a lesson in every show which makes them appealing to the audience.

The audience loves a good story with good values and Korean shows never let you down with the quality of the show and the way it’s shot is incredible.

I am gonna list some of the best Korean dramas based on real life. These are some of our favorites. We hope that you like our suggestions and we can help you with your watch playlist.


Most Popular 9 Korean Dramas Based On Real Life

9. Hymn Of Death (7.6 IMDb rating):

Most Popular 9 Korean Dramas Based On Real Life

This shows genre is Historical, Romance, and Drama. The main characters of the show are Shin Hye-sun and Lee Jong-suk. This show contains 6 episodes and only 1 season for now. This show is inspired by a real story.

Plot: This story is of a First soprano singer name Yun Sim-Deok. It is a love story of Kim Woo-Jin and Yun Sim-Deok. Kim Woo-Jin is a writer of stage drama.

He falls in love with her, but Kim Woo-Jin was already married but still, he fell in love. Yun Sim-Deok recorded a song called Praise of Death in the year 1926 it became a great hit and was the first K pop song.

It is a short but delightful show to watch. It makes you emotional and leaves you with deep thoughts. The way it is presented is just very incredible. The cinematography is top-notch.

The actors performed brilliantly in the show. Without giving any spoiler ending is very tragic. This story depicts pure love and it is a beautiful storyline.

We loved it so much that we would love to watch it again. It’s an emotional series if you like such kinds of shows you will love it for sure. You can watch it and won’t regret it. You can watch this show ok Netflix.


8. Reply 1988 (7.8 IMDb rating):

Most Popular 9 Korean Dramas Based On Real Life

This shows genre is Romance and Comedy. The main characters of the show are Min Do-hee, Go Ara, Son Ho-jun, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Baro Jung Woo, and Kim Sung-Kyun. This show contains 21 episodes and Only 1 season for now.

Plot: TheThisries showcase I showed the culture of 1988. What happened in the 1988 years was the significance of that era. In this, you will see the rise of k pop and the Korean basketball league.

This story is based on real people and the real things which happened in that year. It’s a story of the year 1988. The show represents everything very well and the actors performed very well in the show.

We quite liked this show if you like historical drama you should watch this show for sure. The couple who is our favorite in the show is Nareki we just loved them.

This show depicts the real life of people which feels very relatable to common people it makes it more connecting to the audience.


7. Taxi Driver (8.1 IMDb rating):

Most Popular 9 Korean Dramas Based On Real Life

This show genre is Action and Crime.  The main character of the show is Pyo Ye-jin, Lee Je-hoon, Kim Eui-Sung, and Esom. This show is based on real events. This contains pf 16 episodes and only 1 season. If you like action packs and crime-based shows you will love this one.

Plot: In this, we have a character named Kim Do-Ki who is a graduate of the Naval academy and is an underwater demolition team officer.

One day his mother gets murdered by a killer and from that, his life changes. He became a taxi driver in a company called Rainbow Taxi company.

It’s not just a taxi company it’s way beyond that. In this company, they give a service called revenge calls. Clients come to them for such works and the main lead of the show with its co-workers does the work of killing or taking revenge on other people.

In this, every episode is unique in its way. It will blow your mind with the twist and turns in it. The acting of the actors is no joke they performed amazingly well.

We enjoyed the series and binged it. You are not going to get bored you will simply find it amazing and worth watching.

This show in our eyes is a must-watch show you should give it a shot and you will love it for sure. This show can be watched on Netflix.


6. Fight For My Way (8.1 IMDb rating):

Most Popular 9 Korean Dramas Based On Real Life

The show genre is Romance and Workplace. The main characters of the show are Kim Ji-won, Song Ha-Yoon, Park Seo-Joon, and Ahn Jae-hong. This show contains a total of 16 episodes and only 1 season for now.

This show is easy-going got: It’s a story of two characters who are in their school life. Ko Dong-man Participated in taekwondo.


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He also works part-time as a contract employee to help himself for his living. His main agenda is the title of UFC and he is doing everything to get that.

Choi Ae-Ra works in a department store at an information desk. She wanted to be a Tv anchor but had to give up that dream of her. It’s the story of four friends who are fighting every day for their dreams.

This show is more of a Life of two people and their struggles in it. This storyline is very realistic and entertaining to watch.  It is inspired by a true story.

This is a very fun show to watch. The actors in the show are superb. It is a must-watch the show from our side. You can watch it on Netflix.


5. D.P (8.2 IMDb rating):

Most Popular 9 Korean Dramas Based On Real Life

This Show genre is Military and Drama. The main characters of this show are Son Seok-Koo, Jung Hae-in, Kim Sung- Kyon, and Koo Kyo-hwan. The show content of 6 episodes and only 1 season in it for now. D.P is (Deserter Pursuit).

Plot: This show is a military-based show the character in the show is named as Jun-Ho and is a soldier. The character in the show is an arrest team who captures deserters.

When they are doing their job of capturing the deserters. They find the actual reality behind that which they never knew about.  This Show deals with some sensitive topics which grounds but we always ignore them.

The show has used the platform very well,d has explained some very important and really sensitive issues. Actors have performed their best.

The cinematography of the show is amazing. It’s too much to watch so if you like stories about the military or soldiers it’s a great shock to watch ones. We like this show and would recommend it to all.


4. Empress Ki (8.4 IMDb rating):

Most Popular 9 Korean Dramas Based On Real Life

The show genre is Historical and Romance. The main characters of the show are Baek Jin-hee, Ha Ji-won, Joo Jin-mo, and Ji Chang-Wook. The show contains 51 episodes and only 1 season for now. It’s the story of the empress and it is a historical show.

Plot: The show is all about Empress Ki and her battles, struggle, and love. The story is about Ki who is born in Goryeo. In that era she being a girl with restrictions still finds her power.

She marries Toghon Temür to become an empress of the Yuan dynasty. She leaves her first love and gets married. The whole story is around her. What a show it is, it shows the epic and lavish story.

This show has everything you need. All the actors in the show perform their level best and made this an epic show. We loved the show it is a bit long but worth watching.

This show is a binge-watch show. You will live out if you like such kinds of shows. You can watch it on Netflix.


3. Signal (8.5 IMDb rating):

Most Popular 9 Korean Dramas Based On Real Life

This show genre is Thriller, Drama, and Fantasy. The main characters of the show are Cho Jin-Woong, Kim Hye-soo, and Lee Je-hoon. The show contains 16 episodes and only one season for now.

Plot: The show is a real story of Korean crimes. Park Hae-Young Is a policeman who is also a criminal profiler. One day he finds a walkie-talkie Which made him be able to talk to a detective named Lee Jae Han from the 2000s.

He communicates with that detective and tries to solve the case he was investigating for. The writer of the show has created a masterpiece and did an incredible job.

The storytelling and the direction of the movie are incredible. The story is an emotional rollercoaster that will make you love the show.

You will find the show very interesting and exciting. We were thrilled and excited to watch this show and loved it because of that it’s on the top-three list.


2. Move To Heaven (8.6 IMDb rating):

Most Popular 9 Korean Dramas Based On Real Life

The genre of the show is Drama. The main characters of the show are Ji Jin-hee, Lee Je-hoon, Lee Jae-Wook, Hong Seung-hee, and Tang Jun-sang. Just show contains 10 episodes and only 1 season for now.

Plot: The show has a character named as Geu-Ru  Who is suffering from Asperger syndrome. His father has a business called Move to Heaven.

He used to help his father in this business in which the deceased people’s items they left were arranged by them. So one day his father dies too and he becomes lonely and alone.

One day a man comes into his life named as Sang-Gu who was his uncle. He became his guardian and they lived together. They both worked together in the Move to Heaven business.

This show will keep you on an edge it’s such an emotional show. In this, every emotion is showcased so beautifully whether it be happiness, love, heartbreak, sadness, anger, and many more.

It’s a very overwhelming show and you will love it if you like such kinds of shows. We really enjoyed watching it and we were emotional and truly loved it. Oh my God, the acting was superb it felt so real. Love this show go watch it now.


1. Crash Landing on You (8.7 IMDb rating):

Most Popular 9 Korean Dramas Based On Real Life

The show genre is Romance, Drama, and Comedy. This shows main characters are Kim Jung-Hyun, Hyun Bin, Seo Ji-Hye, and Son Ye-jin. The show has 16 episodes and only one season for now. The show is based on a real story.

Plot: The show is about a soldier and an Heiress. Ri Jeong-Hyeok Is a soldier, He is an army officer in North Korea. Yoon Se-Ri Is an heiress in South Korea.

One day an accident happened to her she had to land in an emergency in North Korea. When she lands in North Korea she meets an army officer named Ri Jeong-Hyeok.

He helps her to hide and keep her safe and meanwhile, he falls in love with her. This show beautifully portrays love.

It’s one of the most popular shows everyone just loves this show so much it is very much popular amongst everyone. It’s one of our favorite shows till now.

The show is an addiction we would say. It’s a must-watch the show. The chemistry in the show is just wow. You can watch the show on Netflix.


These were some of our favorite Korean dramas Based on real life. We hope that you liked our suggestions. We curated this list based on the ratings, acting, and story.

These are some must-watch shows you should watch all of them they are all very good shows to watch. I hope this article was helpful and do let us know in the comments thank you.