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Once again, an elephant dies in Kerala. As we have listened to many cases of animals who dies with worse incidents but this Kerala elephant case, breaks my heart and just say only one thing : Rest In Peace Humanity 🙏 ( Kerala pregnant elephant incident )

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What the hell is happening to humans???

What’s wrong with them?

What they want? What they get after doing this shameful thing?

We had already listened to many other cases like ; #justiceforapril , in which two ladies brutally beaten a pregnant bitch just because she barked over them and left her in die condition.

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Later, when some local people took her to the hospital, doctors came to know about her pregnancy and she give birth to two puppies but unfortunately her one puppy died in her womb and the second after sometime dies too. Read more in justiceforapril

Many cases like :

  1.  A pregnant goat was gangraped by 8 men in Haryana.
  2. A female street dog was raped by a man inside his home in Kolkata.
  3.  A man had unnatural sex with three cows in Vadodara.
  4. Several stray dogs were poisoned to death in Nagpur.

Read more in scoopwhoop. 

Kerala elephant case: ( Kerala pregnant elephant incident )

The pregnant elephant had wandered into a village in search of food. During this time, the villagers fed a pineapple stuffed with crackers to the 15-year-old tusker.

kerala pregnant elephant incident

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As the crackers exploded, the elephant suffered serious injuries on its tongue and mouth. The elephant started running around the village in pain but caused no damage to the villagers.

Following this, the elephant went to the Velliyar River and stood there. The 15-year-old elephant died while standing in the river.

Forest ministry of Kerala :

kerala pregnant elephant incident

The forest minister of Kerala, K, Raju said, “Stringent action will be taken against the culprits who are responsible for the killing of a pregnant elephant. ” The minister refrained from responding to Maneka Gandhi’s remark that the incident was a “murder”. He added, “We have formed a team  probe the matter.

Bollywood stars reaction :

Shraddha kapoor and Anushka sharma had posted on this incident by giving their reaction and feeling very upset due to this incident.

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