Today we are going to make rice papad or papadum and we will make rice papad by steaming it. it will be made very easily and quickly.( Homemade rice papad recipe )

rice papad / papadum

Ingredients: for Homemade rice papad recipe

1. 1 cup of rice powder

rice powder / rice papad

2. 1-2 tbsp oil.

3. ½ tsp of salt

4. ½ tsp of cumin seeds.

cumin seeds / papadum

Procedure: for Homemade rice papad recipe

1. Firstly we will make a batter off the rice flour. Add some water in the rice powder to remove any visible lumps in it.

2. We have made a thin Batter of the rice powder. We will take one cup rice powder and two cup of water.

rice powder with water / rice papad / papadum

3. Make a smooth solution and now as some cumin seeds plus salt and mix it. Our solution is ready, keep it for 10 minutes.

4. Turn on the gas, take any utensils which will cover the utensil completely. Afterwards we have to cook this rice batter in this utensil only.

5. Take two cup of water and let it boil cover the utensil for sometime and boil it.There is a boil in the water now, the plate we have taken grease it with oil.

6. Stir the batter and put it in the plate, spread it equally and place it on top of water that is boiling.

7. We have to steam the Papad and cover it with another lid. Set the flame to medium.

8. The paper is ready, the cook papad changes its colour. The batter was white but after cooking it changes its colour and turn light brown.

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9. The papad is cooked now take it out and let it cool.Take out the papad from the plate when its cooled and place it on a cloth.

10. Do the same with the rest and place it on a cloth. Our papad is not cooked when you can’t take it out from the plate and even if you can and it’s breaks.

11. So we have to cook the Papad properly. The paper will be cooked in 2 to 3 minutes. The papad is cooked now, take it out and place the other plate on the top of it.

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12. Take Iut the papad from the Plate when its cold and place it on a cloth. Do the same with the rest and place it on a cloth keep it in the sun to dry it.

13. One cup rice powder can make about 12 papads, now we will keep it in the sun to dry. After every two hours, flip the papad to the other side, if we don’t flip it will become curvy.

rice papad / papadum

14. So it’s better to flip it in every 2 hour, it will be straight. It takes one to two days for the papad to dry, It might also take one day to dry but we will keep it for 2 days in the sun.

15. After 2 days, Papad is now ready and all dried.

16. Heat the pan and add some oil and let it heat, now fry your papad, the oil has heated. Now, we need very hot oil to fry the papad.

17. Now put the papad in heated oil. Papad is ready to serve now.

rice papad / papadum

The papa is ready. We added salt and cumin to the papad but if you want to make it spicy add some chat masala.

Be very careful when you fry the papad, don’t fry it too much, fry it nicely. So that it doesn’t break into pieces before eating after you fry it.

After the papad cooks place it in polythene paper to cool it. If you take it out when hot it will break, so let it cool and then take it out, this way you can make rice papad.

rice papad / papadum

Make your rice papad, eat it and enjoy it and don’t forget to share your experience to my comment section box.

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