“Homemade schezwan sauce recipe” ( that can be stored for over 1 month )

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|”Homemade schezwan sauce recipe”|

Hope you all are in good health and I also pray for the person who is reading this to “stay healthy n wealthy” in their home. So , here is I am again to give you some amazing and healthy cooking ideas that most of the people want all over the world. Talking about the reality we all know that, a unhealthy  food is always tastier than healthy food….but our technology had been helped as far as possible to us so that we can avoid the unhealthy food and go towards health.

So here I have homemade recipes for you that mostly you buy from outside but never tried / think to make it at your home. [ “Homemade schezwan sauce recipe” ]


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|”Homemade schezwan sauce recipe”|

In which dishes can we use Schezwan sauce?

however it has a very strong influence to indian cuisine and especially to the modern indo chinese cuisine. more frequently schezwan chutney is used for schezwan fried rice but it can also be used as condiment and dips.(“Homemade schezwan sauce recipe”)

 • What is Schezwan sauce?

  1. Schezwan sauce is a flavorful, spicy and hot condiment that is used as a dip. It can also be used to make fried rice, noodles, appetizers & snacks. It is moderately hot, slightly sweet & sour.

• What can you make with schezwan sauce?

  • Making the Schezwan Sauce at home is easy.
  • Schezwan Sauce, Schezuan Sauce Chinese Recipe.
  • Steamed Wontons, Veg Steamed Wonton.
  • Schezuan Fried Rice, Schezwan Fried Rice.
  • Chinese Bhel ( Chinese Recipe )
  • Indian recipes using Schezwan Sauce.
  • Cauliflower in Schezuan Sauce.{“Homemade schezwan sauce recipe”}


1. Red Chili’s ( main ingredient )
2. Vinegar
3. garlic
4. ginger
5. tomato sauce
6. soya sauce
7. salt( as per taste)
8. Soybean oil


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@Procedure: for “Homemade schezwan sauce recsauce.

  • 1. Take 50 gram of red chillies and put them in a bowl
    2. Add four tablespoon of vinegar and hundred milli litre (100ml) of water. Soak them for give to six hours.
    3. Now, take one-fourth cup of garlic, one-fourth cup of ginger and grind them well to get a smooth paste.
    4. After that, add the soaked red chillies with vinegar water and grind them well to get a smooth paste.
    5. Now , take a pan and add some oil about four tablespoon of oil and heat the smoothed paste.
    6. Add the chilli paste and mix well so that oil gets mixed with the paste.
    7. Add, one tablespoon of soy sauce, one tablespoon of salt, two tablespoons of tomato sauce and let it cook till the paste leaves the pan or doesn’t sticks onto the pan.
    8. Let it cool down and left it for 1-2 hours.
    9. After that, again grind the paste at once to get a well smooth paste of sauce.


  • Your hot chilli Homemade schezwan sauce recipe is here….!

How do you store schezwan chutney?

  1. also adjust the amount of water depending on the consistency.
  2. additionally, adding pepper is completely optional. however they enhance the flavour.
  3. finally, store schezwan sauce in airtight container in refrigerator and use for more than a month.

Does schezwan sauce contain Ajinomoto?

The store bought version of this sauce might contain ajinomoto or MSG as it increase the umami flavour but when made at home, you can control not adding it.

Is Szechuan vegan?

Amazing and Authentic Szechuan Sauce Recipe! Use as a flavorful stir-fry sauce for veggies or noodles, or as a flavorful marinade for tofu, chicken, shrimp or beef! Healthier than store-bought versions with no preservatives or msg, It is gluten-free adaptable andvegan!

 • History of sauce:-

Szechwan cuisine or Szechuan cuisine, is a style of Chinese cuisine originating from Sichuan Province. It has bold flavours, particularly the pungency and spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic and chili peppers, as well as the unique flavour of Sichuan pepper. There are many local variations within Sichuan Province and the neighbouring Chongqing Municipality, which was part of Sichuan Province until 1997. Four sub-styles of Sichuan cuisine include Chongqing, ChengduZigong and Buddhist vegetarian style.

Sichuan in the Middle Ages welcomed Middle Easterncrops, such as broad beanssesame and walnuts. Since the 16th century, the list of major crops in Sichuan has even been lengthened by New Worldnewcomers. The characteristic chili pepper came from Mexico, but probably overland from India or by river from Macau, complementing the traditional Sichuan peppercorn (花椒huājiāo). Other newcomers from the New World included maize (corn), which largely replaced millet; white potatoes introduced by Catholic missions; and sweet potatoes. The population of Sichuan was cut by perhaps three quarters in the wars from the Ming dynasty to the Qing dynasty. Settlers from the adjacent Hunan Province brought their cooking styles with them.

Sichuan is colloquially known as the “heavenly country” due to its abundance of food and natural resources. One ancient Chinese account declared that the “people of Sichuan uphold good flavour, and they are fond of hot and spicy taste.” Most Sichuan dishes are spicy, although a typical meal includes non-spicy dishes to cool the palate. Sichuan cuisine is composed of seven basic flavours: sour, pungent, hot, sweet, bitter, aromatic and salty. Sichuan food is divided into five different types: sumptuous banquet, ordinary banquet, popularised food, household-style food and snacks. Milder versions of Sichuan dishes remain a staple of American Chinese cuisine.

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|”Homemade schezwan sauce recipe”| Hope you all are in good health and I also pray for the person who is reading this to “stay healthy n wealthy” in their home. So , here is I am again to give you some amazing and healthy cooking ideas that most of the people want all over the…

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