“Homemade pizza with potato base”

Hope you all are in good health and I also pray for the person who is reading this to “stay healthy n wealthy” in their home. So , here is I am again to give you some amazing and healthy cooking ideas that most of the people want all over the world. Talking about the reality we all know that, a unhealthy  food is always tastier than healthy food….but our technology had been helped as far as possible to us so that we can avoid the unhealthy food and go towards health.
So, here i have some Quick/Instant homemade snacks that are healthy and luscious.

homemade pizza with potato base

“Homemade pizza with potato base”


Wait, WHAT!???

Homemade pizza with potato base?? Like seriously!..!..!.!.!.!.!

Does it tastes good?

Does it spoils the mood of pizza lovers?

Would you imagined ever to have a pizza without a pizza base or to say with a potato base?!??!!???


So the answer is :- YES!_it is possible . We all know that its hard to make a pizza dough and instead of making of dough, it is much more harder to make a perfect pizza base . But! No need to worry about the pizza base where we can make it much easily with potato.

|Benefits of pizza|

•Pizza sauce can boost your immunity

The sauce on a pizza is loaded with Vitamin C. Your body needs this nutrient to fight against germs that can cause illnesses like the common cold. If oregano is included in the sauce, it will increase your immunity even more. Carvacrol, the active ingredient in oregano, can help keep your liver healthy and balance your blood sugar.

Pizza contains nutritious ingredients

• Pizza gives your brain a boost

•You can control the ingredients

Whether you make this meal yourself or order it from your favorite pizza shop, you control which ingredients are served. You can ask the restaurant for the exact ingredients you want and also specify if you would like them in larger or smaller amounts. The combinations are limitless, and you can combine any fruits, vegetables, or meats found on the menu. Don’t forget to ask about crust options to make sure your pizza is still nutritious.read more in pizza

To know more about the recipe…. Have a look down here to the ingredients👇👇

@Ingredients :

1. Potatoes

2. Pizza sauce

3. Mozzarella cheese

4. Salt (as per taste )

5.  Veggies like onion, capsicum, corn, tomato etc

6. Black olives

7. Chilli flakes

8. Oregano

9. Olive oil/ soybean oil


1. First of all, take 2 medium sized potatoes and peel off them. Now wash them and then grate them.

2. Now, take a pan and add 2 tablespoon of oil, then put the grated potatoes in the pan and give them a thick round shape.

3. Now cook them in a medium low flame till the side gets crispy and doesn’t sticks onto the pan.

4. When the one side of the base gets cooked, flip it and cook the other side.

5. Now while cooking on the cooked side, spread the pizza sauce if not then you can use the mixture of 3 tablespoon of schezwan sauce and 3 teaspoon of tomato sauce .

6. Now pour the grated mozzarella cheeze cover the base, and add veggies which you want in your pizza and add black olives 5 to 6 ( as you want ).

7. Now cover the pan and let it cook for 5 minutes over the low flame. [ Note : If you think that the pizza is not ready yet, you can cook it for 2 to 3 minutes more to cook it well. ]

8. Place the pizza on a plate and pour the oregano and chilli flakes over the pizza.

9. Cut/ Divide the pizza in slices as you want and ready.

Your “Homemade pizza with potato base” is ready to eat. For more go to wiki.

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