HALKA (THE CIRCLE)-THRILLER ACTION TURKISH WEB SERIES : HALKA also popularly known as The Circle is a Turkish web series or drama series. HALKA is a Turkish thriller action web series/drama series of year 2019. The IMDb rating of this series is 8.7 and the series consist of 19 episodes. Each episode continues with 150+ minutes (2:30+hrs).

The exact meaning of HALKA is – ring / a circle. HALKA is an organization that works secretly in Turkey. Whenever any member of them, gets higher then all or becomes a danger for someone then, the leader of the HALKA ends his/her life.

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Here the story has two main lead heroes named as Kaan and Cihangir who are the victims of HALKA and also unaware about their pasts. Both of them fights against HALKA.

The story begins with 25 years ago, a Mafia leader named as Eren Karabulut, who becomes a danger for HALKA group and because of this HALKA’s leader makes a trap for him and kidnaps his kid. They demands for ransom money.


When Eret Karabulut comes to save his child’s life, HALKA’s group members ends his life and places another child who was not his biological kid. Here the Eret’s wife comes who was unable to find her child and that is why, the child she got whom she named as Kaan, made him grown up and loves him like his own child.


Eret’s and  Humeyra’s biological son Jahangir was gave to the one of the leader of HALKA group named as Ilhan. Here Cihangir is a brave man, who is far away from his reality/past that he was adopted by Ilhan. Cihangir calls Ilhan as his real father and works with him.

Kaan was all grown up by his step mother Humeyra and he also calls her his real mother. He also knew that his was murdered by someone. Kaan is in Jail sice 2 years for the crime that has not been done him.

After 25 years, police got the clue regarding Eret’s murder case. They got a C.D. player in which it has been clearly showed that Ilhan had killed Eret and he is a murderer. Police not only wants Ilhan to be arrested but they also want to expose whole HALKA group members too.


That is why, they seek for Kaan’s help who is in jail since 2 years and the police want Kaan to reach HALKA group. The Police want Kaan to work under Ilhan for some time and so that he could share a single detail of Ilhan to the police.


Kaan agree to the police for this mission but over his one condition. The condition is that kaan wants her mother to know about the mission too and the police also agree over his condition.

The operation is handling by Cemal and bahar. But commissioner Altan is not happy for this mission and is against because he also works for HALKA group members.

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Jimal and Bahar does not tell Kaan that he is not the biological son of Eret and omera. The C.D. is also sent to Cihangir and he does not believe this and thinks that is is a lie. Bahar secretly reports all the information regarding thid mission to the commissioner.

Cihangir is suffering from insomnia and whenever he sleeps, he has a dream of a yellow suit mans who says that Cihangir kills him and after this he surprisingly wakes up. Here Kaan comes out of the jail and he starts to find that person who sends him to the jail.

There is a guy in this series who works with Ilhan 25 years ago but now, he is more successful than Ilhan . Because of the differences between him and Ilhan, they get separated and now he wants Cihangir to work with him.


 Irem who is Cihangir’s fiancé has a problem with Cihangir’s insomnia disease, because Cihangir does not give his time to their relationship and always stays busy in his dad’s work.


Irem’s dad, who is psychiatrist, takes his treatment from him because he want to know about the reality of this dreaming. But later, Irem listens to the recording audio of the Cihangir’s treatment and she get to know that he is not the biological son of Ilhan and Ilhan’s wife.

Ilhan’s wife kills Irem. She kills her because they both were over proteted to the Cihangir. Mujde is the daughter of isde who wants to work with his father in this business but he never agrees to her.

He believes that HALKA group is not safe for Mujhde. Later, Mujhde helps Cihangir to move on and they get attracted to each other. At the starting, Kaan does not believe over the police and as the time passes, he begin to believe them.


Kaan shares all information of HALKA group with them and Kaan is falling for bahar now. Later bahar stops to report Altas regarding HALKA group and after that, she got to know about that his father was also used to work for halka group and he was also murdered. READ MORE AT HALKA(THECIRCLE)

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