Most Popular Turkish Drama Series Emanet- Storyline, Cast & More

Did you all watch the new Turkish show Emanet? If not..then what are you waiting for? It’s the best Turkish drama with all the dynamic twists and turns, incredible story plot, Talented Cast,  great cinematography, amazingly written, and well performed.

We are very picky to choose the best dramas for you and this one was on the top of our list. Your heart will melt down when you will watch the chemistry between Yaman and Sehar. The best thing is the “Eye contact” between the leads.  They have nailed every scene, every feeling,  expression with perfection.

This article is all about the famous and dynamic Turkish drama Emanet. Why is it so popular? What is the storyline of the show that makes it unique? Who is the cast? Is it a happy ending or not? What is the real twist in Emanet? Don’t worry, today we are going to answer every question you have in your mind!! stay tuned to know everything!! Let’s start the story of a show called Emanet:


Most Popular Turkish Drama Series Emanet- Storyline, Cast & More



Most Popular Turkish Drama Series Emanet- Storyline, Cast & More

The story is about a sweet young innocent girl Seher who is also intelligent and determined about the life she has to live with. She is living with her father, and her sister Kevser is not allowed to meet her parents after she decided to marry Kirimli the heir of a Kirimli family.

But her misfortune, her husband dies after some time and she has to live with her son in the Bungalow of kirimli’s family. Because of her father, Seher didn’t know anything about kevser life and her family.

Seher’s life got upside down when she heard that her sister got into an accident and took her last breaths by saying to her to take care of his son Yusuf and don’t leave him with the kirimli family. Seher decides to protect Yusuf no matter what but she has to face the Kirimli family alone and take custody of Yusuf.

On the other side of the story is Yaman  (Halil İbrahim Ceyhan) who is young, handsome, and a very rich businessman but kind of rude too. He is his uncle of Yusuf and wants the custodian of Yusuf after the death of his brother.

Yusuf has a big family but no one except his uncle loved him or took care of him. The family of kirimli is violent and brutal. Seher took Yusuf from the family so that she, her father, and Yusuf could stay together but Yaman who is very harsh and cruel got angry and got his address, Seher, found her and took Yusuf back with him.

Most Popular Turkish Drama Series Emanet- Storyline, Cast & More

Both Seher and Yaman are Yusuf’s aunt and uncle, both want his custody no matter what happens. Yaman is a fearless and powerful person who doesn’t like women, and the women are a snake and destroy certain things but he also wants someone to take care of Yusuf in a loving way.

He indeed knows that Seher loves Yusuf and wants to live with him. After knowing things about Seher, Yaman agreed to live with Seher with Yusuf in his mansion only so that he can also take care of him, and slowly Seher and Yaman started to fall for each other.

Seher nourishes his heart and sees the soft side of Yaman. On the other hand, Yaman gets impressed by her innocence and noble heart. Things get intimate between them and there an epic love story starts.


Original Name Emanet
Directed by Ayhan Ozen, Serkan Mut
  • Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan
  • Sila Turkoglu
Genre  Drama, Romance
Country of origin Istanbul, Turkey
Original Language Turkish
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes 250+



1. Halil İbrahim Ceyhan (Yaman):

Most Popular Turkish Drama Series Emanet- Storyline, Cast & More

This actor can kill anyone with his looks and his incredible acting skills. He has a unique and desirable personality. You cannot believe it if we say that he only worked once in the 2019 movie called Hemen Döneriz. But his acting skills seem perfect and very realistic which you can easily feel in Emanat drama.

In Emanat he plays the role of a very powerful businessman who is a cruel, rude and merciless person who hates women and does not trust them. But only because of his niece Yusuf, Yaman has to live with his aunt Seher in his mansion.


2. Sıla Türkoğlu (Seher):

Most Popular Turkish Drama Series Emanet- Storyline, Cast & More

This actress was born on. April 1999. He was born in İzmir Bornova and now she is 22 years old, a young and beautiful girl who is an amazing actress and at such a little age she became very successful. She has the power to speak with her eyes. She did a TV series called Yemen, which was a turning point in her career.

Seher: A young and beautiful girl whose life got upside down after the death of her sister and now she has been given the responsibility of the legacy of her sister’s son Yusuf.

She is strong and intelligent and handles the situation carefully. She only desires to live with Yusuf and her father peacefully.


3. Berat Rüzgar Özkan (Yusuf):

Most Popular Turkish Drama Series Emanet- Storyline, Cast & More

He was born in 2014. He is the child lead actor in the TV series Emanat. He has done advertisements for Philips and Opel.

Yusuf: He is the only Grandson of kirimli’s family. His parents had died and now he is living with his uncle and aunt in his uncle’s mansion.


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Most Popular Turkish Drama Series Emanet- Storyline, Cast & More

  • Halil İbrahim Ceyhan -Yaman
  • Sila Turkoglu – Seher
  • Berat Ruzgar Ozkan – Yusuf
  • Gülderen Güler -Kiraz
  • Melih Ozkaya – Ali
  • Tolga Pancaroglu -Ziya
  • Gülay Özdem – Ikbal
  • Osman Aydin -Selim
  • Hilal Yildiz – Zuhal
  • Gozde Gurkan -Begum
  • Oner Gecu -Centre
  • Ali Cakalgoz – Arif Baba
  • Binnaz Ekren -Adaleti
  • Hayat Olcay -Nadir
  • Oğuz Yağcı – Nedim
  • Adnan Mehmet Ali Arslan -İbrahim
  • Derya Oğuz Ertun -Firat
  • Zeynep Naz Eyuboglu -Neslihan
  • Özge Ağyar -Karanfil
  • Volkan Yildirim – Ziya
  • Atilla Pekdemir -Osman
  • Meltem Kilic -Kevser
  • Ferda Işıl – Sultan
  • İlker Yavuz – Melih
  • Göksel Kayahan – Bor
  • Mehmet Baştürk -Ozan



Most Popular Turkish Drama Series Emanet- Storyline, Cast & More

Emanat is well written and beautifully cast by the cast and well performed. The story is unique and beautiful. The reality of some families has shown graphically, the love between Yaman and Seher is a mind-blowing couple who talks with their eyes.

Talking about the happy ending, the story is full of twists and turns. We cannot reveal the suspense in just one episode because you have to watch all the seasons and know what happened at the end. a few characters like Yaman’s mother come back into his life.

How will it affect the family? Ali and Canan, What will happen between them? How will Seher react after knowing the truth about Yaman? with whom Yusuf will live? Why doesn’t the Seher family accept the Kirimli family? Will Seher be able to hold the legacy of her sister? To know all the answers watch the Turkish drama on YouTube!



Most Popular Turkish Drama Series Emanet- Storyline, Cast & More

The truth about Yaman plays an important role in the love story of Yaman and Seher. Will Seher accept Yaman’s truth and still be able to love him? What is Yaman hiding from everyone, especially from Seher? Will Yaman be able to find Seher after she ran away with Yusuf because the truth was revealed in front of her!

The suspense will be revealed in the drama but not in a single every episode, we get to know more about the truth, why Yaman is hiding it, and how it will affect the relationship between Yaman and Seher? to know the truth and suspense you have to watch every episode of Emanat.




Emanat Turkish drama is dynamic.  The story, its characters, The cast, the cinematography is good, the location is pleasant, full of drama, love, and suspense. You will surely love this drama and fall in love with Yaman and Seher.

Watch all the seasons to know the truth and suspense. Although it’s worth watching! above we have discussed The storyline, the main leads, the whole cast, suspense, and its ending!

Sadly the article ends here but we will keep updating you about the latest series, dramas, movies, and many more. Stay tuned to know more about the cinema. We hope you write us valuable feedback. Until then, keep reading and enjoying it!