DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN : It is a 2016 South Korean television series starring Song Joong-kiSong Hye-kyoJin Goo, and Kim Ji-won. The series was a major hit in South Korea where it drew a peak audience share of 38.8%. It received several awards, such as winning the Grand Prize in television at the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards; and was named the Most Popular Show of the year by Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation.

The IMBd rating of this is 8.4 and it’s a Korean drama. There are nearly 21 episodes in this Korean web series. Here the story of the series begin with a scene in which we see that the military post of the South Korea has been captured by the North Korea from which there is a huge amount of tension between both the countries.



To control this situation, South Korea appoints their special forces i.e., ‘Alfa Team’, so that they could avoid the situation of war. But eventually they fail, and they have to take back step. From this scene, we get to know that Shi Jin (the captain of South Korea; named as Big Boss) had faced North Korea’s captain Ahn many times ago.

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Now, our two soldiers are in a holiday and here we see a thief who is in rush to run away after thieving, but Shi Jin and Dae Young shoot them with toy gun and he meets with an  accident. The thief got some serious injuries and he denies Shi Jin to call for an ambulance but Shi Jin does not listen to him and sends him to the hospital. (DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN)

After some scenes, here we get to know that the Dae young is an orphan and an unprivileged person who had his childhood by doing small crimes like pick pockets and etc. While having a good conversation with Shi Jin,Dae Young realizes that his phone has been theft by the thief, for which both goes towards the hospital.


Here in the hospital, Dr. Mo Yeon examines the thief and tells him that he has some fractures. The thief tries to get escape from the hospital but Dr. Ma Yeon catches and bring him back to the hospital. Dae Young and Shi Jin both arrives the hospital and Shi Jin calls on Dae Young’s number to find his phone. Ma Yeon had already taken the phone from the thief and she picks up the phone and while listening to her, Shi Jin finds D. Ma Yeon. (DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN)

But Ma Yeon thinks that Shi Jin and Dae young are both same thieves as of the thief and she denies to bring back them their phone. Shi Jin finds a unique attraction towards Ma Yeon but, he ignores it. In this, the thief again tries to escape from the hospital and Shi Jin & Dae Young finds that some gangsters are beating up the thief who just escapes from the hospital. Because he just wanted to leave their gang and Shi Jin & Dae Young helps him.

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Here, nurse tells Ma Yeon that somebody has come to the thief guy and where she finds that the person who comes to meet him is Myung Joo. Both know each other very well and they both don’t like each other as well. While talking to Myung Joo, Mo Yeon feels like the thief is Myung Joo’s boyfriend, but her colleague tells her that her boyfriend is in army.

Now, both Shin Jin & Dae Young brings back the thief to the hospital from those gangsters and there they finds that Myung Joo was already waiting for both of them in the hospital. Dae Young is the real boyfriend of Myung Joo and whos doesn’t want to continue their relationship just because she is his senior and he thinks that he doesn’t deserves her. (DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN)


Shi Jin convinces Mo Yeon to bring back Dae Young’s phone, and also tells her that both of them are in army and he does not wants and police involvement. Shi Jin flirts with Mo Yeon but she pretends to him that she doesn’t bother about it and not responses to him. Later, while having a good talk, Mo Yeon mistakenly pinches on the exact area where Shi Jin had a gun shot injury.

Mo Yeon gets surprised by this injury of him and decides to put stitches on his injury. She understands that this injury has been caused by gun but Shi Jin does not confirm her supposition. Shi Jin asks Mo Yeon about if she had any boyfriend, but Mo Yeon does not answer him and she also asks him about if she had any girlfriend. (DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN)

Next day, Dae Young pays all the bills for the thief and give him discharge from the hospital. Shi Jin goes to meet Mo Yeon, but unfortunately, he can’t meet her because of her emergency case. Later Mo Yeon calls Shi Jin and both of them asks each other that to meet at the same moment and Mo Yeon says yes to her & calls him in the hospital.

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Shi Jin arrives the hospital but due to an emergency mission, he lefts the hospital but before that he took a promise to Mo Yeon for a perfect date. Mo Yeon, gave an interview for the professor post of the hospital in which she had been failed for two times, but now she is positive for this time that she will get that post on the basis of her experience and knowledge.


Both are busy now at their work places; Shi Jin is bury at his army job and Mo Yeon is busy now at her hospital. After, completion of his mission, Shi Jin comes back to meet MO Yeon and also to complete his promise that he had made to her while leaving before for mission.

Here, Mo Yeon shouts over Shi Jin because he arrives 2 hours before the report timing and she was not ready yet. Later, both went to Mo Yeon’s home and then they go for a movie but like as before, again he had a call and again he lefts because of an emergency mission. She gets upset after this time and later she had a bonus on her sadness because she got rejected for the professor post. (DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN)

Just because she don’t have any high contacts as like of her colleague whom has been taken over the post.Poor Mo Yeon, listens to the new professors in the fear of not to lose her job and she works on her presentation as well as she comes on television in the place of her. At the same time, Shi Jin comes to see her and gets happy by seeing Mo Yeon, while coming on T.V.


Later, Mo yeon meets Shi Jin and asks him about her work/job but he says that to remain calm and peace at her country he can face any kind of hardships. And also he can sacrifice himself and can kill someone else. In which Mo Yeon says that she is a doctor and her work is to give add some life to someone’s life and she can’t be with someone who is capable of taking someone’s life and to give his life. And here, these guys just broke up with each other. Here we see that they both wanted to stay together, but their work/duty doesn’t allow them for this. (DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN)


STORY AFTER 8 MONTHS: After 8 months; we see that Mo Yeon becomes a celebrity doctor. Professor used to do all her works and presentations by Mo Yeon and from which she got fame and she has all V.I.P. patients. And because of her appreciable hard work, she had her professor post too. Shi Jin has been posted in Uruk with Dae Young. Still both guys miss each other and memorize all those happy moments with each other. READ MORE AT DESCENDENTSOFTHESUN





DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN : It is a 2016 South Korean television series starring Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo, Jin Goo, and Kim Ji-won. The series was a major hit in South Korea where it drew a peak audience share of 38.8%. It received several awards, such as winning the Grand Prize in television at the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards; and was named the Most…


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