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BLΛƆKPIИK's Lisa is preparing for her Solo Debut!

BLΛƆKPIИK’s LISA is preparing for her Solo Debut!: Blackpink in your area!’ ,Time is over blinks. As we know that our popular k-pop girls band group BLACKPINK had already made its place all over the world. Blackpink is the revolution that has spread all over the world and is ruling the whole world with its amazing songs.

|”BLΛƆKPIИK’s Lisa is preparing for her Solo Debut!”|

From some sources, we have to know that Lisa is preparing for her solo debut song and has also started shooting for her video for it. It is heard that Lisa will release her debut song this summer. Lisa is all set to take over the summer.




It was only a matter of time when the group’s first full length album-‘The Album’ was released last year and blackpink’s agency YG Entertainment announced that the member of the group; Rose`,Jisoo and Lisa would be marking their solo debut song.

BLΛƆKPIИK's Lisa is preparing for her Solo Debut!

As we all know, Blackpink’s Jennie was the first member who made her solo debut with single ‘Solo’ in 2018. And also in this year, Rose` also released her solo project in March with her single ‘R’. In ‘R’, the title track-On the ground, was included along with the B-side track ‘Gone’.


Lisa congratulating Rose` on her new hit:


Now our Lisa/Lilli/Lilly will surprise her blinks or give a big summer treat to her blinks on this summer with her first single Solo debut song. On 12 July, it was reported by Korean media agencies that Lisa is shooting for her upcoming music video of her solo debut song.

Hell yes! Lisa is preparing for her Solo Debut. As we all know that, Lisa has done some song covers in the past as well: like ‘Say So’ cover and some dance covers too: Like Tomboy, Swalla, Cravin etc. Isn’t she the best dance k-pop dancer?


Lisa dance cover on ‘Tomboy’:

Although Blackpink will complete its 5 years in the industry ever since their debut in 2016. On their anniversary celebrations, 4+1 project will be included as a gift for their fans as known as ‘Blinks’, those who always suppore4ted them throughout their glorious 5 years journey.




It is learned that the Debut Anniversary Project will include five events which will be full of events. Right now, she is all set to release her Solo in this summer. Blackpink’s maknae is also known for her secret/not revealed dancing skills and her rapping which is very good.

Fans also known as ‘Blinks’ have been waiting for the news regarding Lisa’s debut Solo song for a long time. Lisa is love and also supported by her fans all over the world. So, we can say that her Solo debut is widely anticipated and will be loved by a lot of people across the countries, after release of her debut Solo music video.

She will be the third member in the group to release her debut song as a Solo, if the news is confirmed. Earlier there were many speculations regarding her Solo release date, but nothing happened. Also blink looking forward to a collaboration with DJ Snake due to the subtle cues here and there.

But YG entertainment has not confirmed any news about Lisa’s Single yet. Back in 2018, Jennie was Blackpink’s first solo artist and debuted with her stellar hit single known as ‘Solo’. After Rose` wowed fans with her soulful or heartfelt songs and now Lisa will have her time to shine.

Jennie- ‘Solo’:

Rose`- On The Ground:

The BLΛƆKPIИK Girls are also currently busy with the release of the film which will be a part of their fifth anniversary debut 4+1 project and will release in august.


Twitter account post; which shows that Lisa is preparing for her Solo Debut:

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