Upmost 5+ Best Pokémon Movies All The Time

Pokémon is a nostalgic word for the nineties kids. Pokemon came with a bang. A show which takes us to a universe of Pokémon, which have some special qualities or we can say some special powers. Ash started his journey of becoming the best Pokémon trainer with his ever-popular friend Pikachu.

Along with some other characters like Brock and Misty whose names we can never forget. Pokemon was the show which filled us with pure joy and happiness. That everlasting wait for the next episode is the thing we can all share. 

Pokemon series and the movies truly have our childhood packed in them. The deep messages that the show carries have certainly helped us to see life in a very beautiful and different way. Pokémon has a variety of markets in games, movies, series, cartoons, etc. Today we are here to share the best 7 Pokémon movies ever you might have missed, so let’s start!!


Upmost 5+ Best Pokémon Movies All The Time


7. Pokemon:The Rise Of Darkrai (IMDB: 6.3):

Released in 2007(japan) and directed by Kunihiko Yuyama. This movie has a shady story than other Pokémon movies, The movie has good humor, action, screenplay, and brilliant animation.

Upmost 5+ Best Pokémon Movies All The Time

The Darkrai means something very sad and lonely which also turns someone’s dream into a nightmare. The perfect name for a nightmare-causing Pokémon. The loud disturbance was caused in a town of Spain named as Alamos town between two Pokémon and Ash, Brock and dawn arrived in the town for the Pokémon Contest. Where they meet Alice who stands with them to fight against the evil Pokémon for protecting the town.



6. I Choose You- Pokémon (IMDB -6.3):

This movie is about the basic foundation of Ash and Pikachu’s friendship from where it starts. Released in 2017. We loved this movie because the main reason for watching Pokémon was about loyal friendship and This movie is all of that.

Upmost 5+ Best Pokémon Movies All The Time

How the naughty Pikachu became their loyalist and best friend of Ash. It is a heart-touching movie where we see both Ash and Pikachu’s stories and how they get along with thereto infinity.

How Pikachu at the start refuses to fight and ends up protecting Ash from Spearow by summoning a heavy thunderbolt on them. If you are a Pokémon fan then you will love this movie and get nostalgic emotions back.



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5. Pokemon: Arceus And The Jewel Of Life (IMDB-6.3):

Released in 2009, this movie of Pokémon is about the most powerful Pokémon who awakens after a very long time to seek justice because of human betrayal. In the history of Pokémon, Arceus was the Pokémon who is living before the universe existed.

Upmost 5+ Best Pokémon Movies All The Time

The Pokémon awakened to take revenge on humans because a human name Damos betrayed Arecus in past and Arecus came to earth to kill Damos and also think that he killed him(in the past) and sleep but now Arecus is again alive and come back to earth to get the Jewel of Life. This movie is full of twists, fun, comedy, and action. For a true fan, you will gonna love it!



4. Pokemon 3: Spell Of Unkown(IMDB 5.8):

This movie is made in 2000 when Pokémon was at its peak.  gained popularity and made it on no.1 We know the graphic are not up to the graphics we have known but the feelings and love we have for this movie are infinite.

Upmost 5+ Best Pokémon Movies All The Time

This is the last Pokémon movie by Warner bros and also the first movie to make its premiere in IMAX theatres. In the valley of Greenfield with beautiful mountains and scenery Ash and his loyal friends where encounter the Unown,  who is the most mysterious Pokémon.

This movie has many characters like Molly, Delia, Entei, and TotaTotodile, Cyndaquil(who tried to kill Ash and Pikachu).it also shows how living in an artificial reality where you can hurt everyone and live easily. Watch this movie to know the mysterious unowns.



3. Pokemon: Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew(IMDB: 6.8):

Released in 2005 and get great feedback from his fans. It was full of fun and adventure, it has many exciting parts and you will love the character of Lucario!! we will highly recommend this movie for fans to watch and enjoy to the fullest. This was the movie which we adore the most in our childhood days.

Upmost 5+ Best Pokémon Movies All The Time

This movie reflects the friendship we all have desired of. After the disappearance of Pikachu, along with shi,  The Lucario gets are released from the son and start searching for Pikachu and also revealing the mystery of the Wave leader.



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2. Pokemon: Zoroark: Master Of Illusions(IMDB: 6.0):

The movie was released in 2010, It was fun watching this movie because of its story and strong characters. In this movie, Ash, Brock, and others went to Crown city for a match and find Zorua in the forest where they find out the story behind Crown city and its fate.

Upmost 5+ Best Pokémon Movies All The Time

Once was the time, when the city was happy and fu of greenery where Pokémon Celebi time travels by time ripple, bit one day Time ripple get consumed by the man Grings Kodai and became super powerful by absorbing all the greenery and became a powerful businessman and all the Pokémon worked hard and together to bring the life back in the town.

Ash,  Brock, and Pikachu helped them to do so. At the end (there is a lot in between) Kodai confesses his all devil sins in media.



1. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (IMDB: 6.5):

Released in 2019, This movie has epic graphics and a brilliant storyline. Even a non-Pokémon fan can understand the whole story. The emotions, humor and fun, made it more special and lovable for us.

Upmost 5+ Best Pokémon Movies All The Time

We suggest this movie because it connects us straight away. After all, it’s a blockbuster movie. Harry and Pikachu were teammates but due to the conspiracy of some people, Harry mysterious died and Pikachu lost his memory.

A bit after gaining some memories from the accident Pikachu decide to get along with his son of Harry because he was the only one who can talk with a Pikachu, and try to untangle the mystery behind the death of Harry and why did they kill him. For a fan, this is a movie you want, because you will love the graphics that seem to be real.




There are more than 20 movies about outputt Pokémon but we have made the list of the top best Pokémon movies only for you. To regain the memory of childhood days, watch the above movies and thank us later. 

These top 7 movies are all, about about about emotions and mainly friendship. we have learned so much from Pokémon movies. We hope you love our list and write to us with your valuable feedback.