11 Best Mind-Bending Movies On Netflix-Movies That Will Bend Your Mind

It’s been a while since we talked about some mind-bending movies of the decade. I know you must be thinking of some action or thriller movies we are going to talk about??

No!! We have chosen the top 11 mind-bending movies also available on Netflix that will shake your mind and make you bite your nails because the list will that will play with your brain that you cannot even blink your eyes off.

And the combination of mysterious plots, full of surprises, fighting, drama,  outer space things, murderers psychopaths, and allows completely unimaginable!! We all like those kinds of movies that keep our brains engaged and develop curiosity after every scene. 

It is hard to find a genre of such movies. But our team will help you out to find your top 11 mind-bending movies to make your weekend more fun and enjoyable..so what are we waiting for??? Let’s start!!

11 Best Mind-Bending Movies On Netflix 


1. TANET (IMDB: 7.4):

Tanet movies are famous for their laxity.  The sci-fiction action movie we all were waiting for release in 2020.it holds the power of molding our minds is completely jaw-dropping, hardcore fights are super realistic. It’s entertaining and develops excitement after every scene.

This will be my favorites Christopher Nolan movie.  This masterpiece deserves the title of mind blending movie ever!!! The chemistry between the actors, love to watch Pattinson as Neil. We will recommend Tanet best for action, storyline,  breathtaking complexity, brilliant direction, time travel flicks, and extraordinary.

11 Best Mind-Bending Movies On Netflix- Movies That Will Bend Your Mind

PLOT: The movie starts when a scientist discovers a technology that can reverse the entropy of humans and our entire world.   but the bad side is that it can destroy the whole world so she decides to protect the world by dividing it into 9 different parts and keeping the o 9 algorithms (past) to keep the people and the world. 

To protect these 9 algorithms a team of Tenet is developed to protect the 9 algorithms and not let them fall into the hands of those who will destroy the whole world. The time to travel from past to future or present to save them. To know whether they are successful in hiding them or not,  watch the movie right now!!


2. FIGHT CLUB (IMDB: 8.8):

Fight club was used in 1999 directed by David Fincher starring Brad Pitt,  Edward Norton, and our favorite Helena Bonham Carter.  This movie holds its dynamic position in the history of cinema. It was the most controversial movie because of its extraordinary action, twist endings, and crazy violence.

It’s a thriller/drama genre liked by 90% of audiences.  It’s an exceptional story and acted by brilliant actors who got famous because of Fight Club.  According to critics, everyone should watch this movie!!

11 Best Mind-Bending Movies On Netflix- Movies That Will Bend Your Mind

PLOT: A man who is depressed and suffering from insomnia meets a stranger who was a soap seller(Tyler Durden).after the tragedy in which his(Edward Nortan)  house was destroyed the man asked Tyler Durden to help him to stay with him for days.

Both made a plan to start an underground Fight club with strict rules where men can fight and display their anger from their boring lives. To know about the end twist you have to watch the movie!!

3. MIRAGE (IMDB 7.4):

We can be if you watch this movie for one you can’t get over it easily.  To know the meaning of what is a mind-bending movie,  you should or must-watch MIRAGE.

The story this movie possesses is uncommon and unique.  The mystery/Drama was co-written and directed by  Oriol Paulo and starred Adrian Ugarte is indeed an amazing actress.

11 Best Mind-Bending Movies On Netflix- Movies That Will Bend Your Mind

PLOT: The movie starts in 2014 a couple shifted to a house where after some days the woman named Vera finds a television in a storeroom. she discussed it with the neighbor and found out that a boy used to live here in 1989 and one day during an electric thunderstorm hit Berlin the boy was killed by his neighbor.

Suddenly one night Vera heard a voice from the other room where a boy is recording himself and at first she got shocked but after a while, she makes a connection with the boy and alerts him not to go to his neighbor’s house otherwise he will be killed.

A kind of time travel Vera did the other morning everyone suddenly forgets about anything that happened in 1989. The Movie doesn’t end here, it has a twist and turns after every scene. we will his movie.




Directed by Christopher Nolan and released in 2010.  Inception is another masterpiece by Nolan anis is for his work of art. Famous for the title of the ” most confusing movie ever”.But only those who get this movie will patiently understand every depth of it. 

It’s a breathtaking and mind-bending movie. People also rate it as the best picture of the entire century. Full of thrilling astonishing action, suspense, mystery, very intense, great ending, complicated plots, and twists. What else do you need in a Great movie? 

11 Best Mind-Bending Movies On Netflix- Movies That Will Bend Your Mind

PLOT: To plant a dream in someone’s mind is a perfect crime. Dom Cobb is a thief who stole a person’s secret just by entering into their dreams with his rare skill or ability but in return, he has cost the lives he loves.

For redemption, he was assigned the most dangerous criminals to plant something in someone’s mind but faces difficulties with every move.


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5. DUNE (IMDB 8.1):

Directed by Denis Villeneuve,  released in 2021 is a sci-fiction /adventure movie based on the novel Dune by Frank Herbert. Dune is an American epic film. Before the avengers, transformers, superman, or star wars the Dune ruled the world. the cast is super amazing which includes Timothée Chalamet.

A big fan since the lease of”Call me by your name”. he is an amazing actor and did an excellent role in Dune.  The concept is unique and new,  it has a separate fan base and even the 2nd part is coming in 2023.

11 Best Mind-Bending Movies On Netflix- Movies That Will Bend Your Mind

PLOT: The boy who traveled to the most dangerous planets only to save his family faces the difficulties and reality of the time in certain ways.  he is a gifted and intelligent young boy born in a place that is beyond his imagination. 


6. MATRIX (IMBD 8.7):

We think The Matrix is a timeless movie.  The first part was released in 1999 and cited by Lana Wachowski, and Lilly Wachowski. It’s a sci-fiction/action movie loved by everyone.2nd part was 003 and so on till 2021 as The Matrix Resurrections. 

The last sequels do not attain the fame as the first Matrix 1999 but you should watch them all for an adventurous experience. All the cast is well known for their work in The Matra piece of brilliance and art.

11 Best Mind-Bending Movies On Netflix- Movies That Will Bend Your Mind

PLOT: Movie I’d about the cyber evilness or intelligence leads a man into a forbidden underworld where he discovers some undefinable and shocking truth about life when a stranger leads Neo to computer hacking which changes Neo’s life.



The SHUTTER ISLAND directed by Martin Scorsese released in 2010.  people say that this movie is a piece of art and the the the best movie by Martin Scorsese now. The depth Ness of this movie will be on your mind for some days. Actorplplay ann immense roles in the movie like Leonardo Di Caprio, Mark Ruffalo and many more.

11 Best Mind-Bending Movies On Netflix- Movies That Will Bend Your Mind

PLOT: In 1954, a man named Andrew Laeddis is a US martial and his wife Dolores is suffering from mental illness ignore her one day her wife kills her children, and Andrew couldn’t take this incident and get out of his mind and gets admitted in SHUTTER ISLAND hospital where he getting treated for 2 years but he became delusional that he is someone else “Edward” and do craziest things. Find out how he gets better and gets out of his delusions.


By the rating only you will assume how extraordinary vie, Rey Frank Darabont, released in 1994 is a drama/crime movie. The movie holds the position of Number 1 in the top 250 English movies listed by IMBD. It’s a novel-based movie that elaborates its golden name in the history of cinema. In this movie, we learned about friendship, love, trust, affection, and emotions.

11 Best Mind-Bending Movies On Netflix- Movies That Will Bend Your Mind

PLOT: The movie starts where an innocent Banker gets life imprisonment for the murder of his wife and lover and gets imprisonment in SHAWSHANK prison. It’s not a simple murder mystery you have to solve but where we learn about the journey of a person in jail and get the real meaning of friendship and trust.

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9. Dr. STRANGE (IMDB 7.5): 

Dr. Stange is a well-known movie directed by Scott Derrickson released in 2016 production company is Marvel studios casting the best Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen, and many more artists. It’s an Action and adventurous movie. We loved the storyline and mystery between time and powers. The cinematography of this movie is tremendous.

11 Best Mind-Bending Movies On Netflix- Movies That Will Bend Your Mind

PLOT: A famous neurological surgeon loses his ability to use his hands for surgeries. He went to different places to repair his hands but couldn’t find one. one day he visits an Ancient type of house and discovers the unexplainable about life and death and becomes a master of it.

10. LUCY (IMBD 6.4):

If you haven’t seen this epic action/ psychological film you don’t even know what are you missing !! this movie is directed by Luc Besson in 2014. This movie is ahead of its time. Amazing story writing will win your heart but Scarlett Johnson has already won everyone’s heart and mind. She slips into the character that it was made for her only.

11 Best Mind-Bending Movies On Netflix- Movies That Will Bend Your Mind

PLOT: A young girl named Lucy(Scarlett Johnson) is studying in Taiwan and gets manipulated by his boyfriend and started working as a drug dealer. but something happened and the drug dealer sewed the drugs into Lucy’s abdomen a packet of CPH4 The drugs get to explode in her stomach and result in a sudden increase in her mind as well as physical abilities. 


Directed by James McTeigue, released in 2006 distributed by Warner bros. It’s an Action movie but the moment you start watching it, it’s a lot more than just action. it’s full of emotions like love, politics, honesty, drama, sense of satisfaction. 

11 Best Mind-Bending Movies On Netflix- Movies That Will Bend Your Mind

PLOT: An anti-hero movie loved by everyone. speechless about the story the film holds. The massage we get from this brilliant movie is about the fight for freedom, fascism, one person can change everything, equality, freedom.


Get some snacks and binge-watch the top 11 mind-bending movies ever!! We hope you like this article and show love by writing feedback!!