Bored of watching the same old romantics or classic love movies? Want to watch something real, something exciting, creepy, or unsettling? Or do you love the genre of thriller, horror, suspense, or terrifying? Then stop here!! This article is made for you. We have enlisted the top 10 best horror movies for you to make your weekend more fun and terrifying. 

Hollywood will never make you regret your decision and never fail to amaze its audience, that audience who is always craving something innovative, new, and thrilling. People love to watch movies that will raise their heartbeat and make them thrilled. so let’s get started!!


Upmost 10 Best Horror Movies- You Must Never See Alone



The legend of all best horror movies “The Exorcist” was released in 1973 and was based on a True Story and those who don’t know about it, don’t know what they are going to witness. The cinematography, graphic characters, scenes, music everything was perfect and seemed real.

This is a package of horror, mystery,erre music, suspense in short everything that has to be in a good horror movie. A girl named Regan (Linda Blair) got back into Georgetown brownstone and did an amazing thing. She made a spirit friend using an Ouija board. 

One day at a party Regan showed some pretty abnormal symptoms. after taking her to different doctors, and psychiatric to find a cure but didn’t find any. In the end, they get the help of a priest Damien Karras (Jason Miller), and did a sacrifice and win back the soul of the girl. The graphics and cinematography are ahead of their time, that’s why it still seems scary!!


We can say the ‘Mother’ of all horror movies or one of the best horror movies of the decade, released in 2013. The perfectly chosen cast Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson have acted incredibly unbelievable. We have never felt so real in any movie other than conjuring and it’s also based on a True Story!!!!

Conjuring is creepy, tense, gross, unsettling, and in the purest form of scary! The movie is about a case file of famous demonologist and paranormal investigator the Warrens, both husband and wife team up to protect everyone from demons or satanic monsters.

They have worked together and helped many people. In this movie, there is a family of 5 kids and a mother who is facing a demonic presence affecting their family. If you haven’t watched it yet, you don’t know what you are missing. And also watch the other two parts that are truly mind-bending!


This one was released in 2012, Directed by Scott Derrickson. The sinister movie is about a crime writer Ellison who shifts to a house with his daughter and wife. The house had a dark history of murders and their spirits affect the family and possesses his daughter.

The story is kind of slow by the idea of the story is marvelous. take the most innocent thing in the world, a kid turn it into evil, and see how the things go!! this idea is bone-chilling.

And this movie has everything, possesses,erre music, satanic powers, suspense and a lot more. The sinister effect will be long-lasting you will feel it for days and that is the identity of a true horror movie. don’t skip it!!


This movie has two parts, and here we are talking about the first one released in 2018, yo,u will feel the silence when you watch the movie. We love the cinematography of this film, the story is completely unpredictable and unique.

The best acting scene is giving birth in the bathtub, you get in the movie and even you won’t make any sound!! This is also an identity that they have made a masterpiece. The cast is very talented and acted so so well.

The movie is about the aliens or creatures who destroy everything that makes noise. Where, a family is living or surviving in a house surrounded by a farm, protecting their children. watch how they will survive or get eaten by the creatures!!!

5. IT (IMDB 7.3):

IT first part was released in 2017 and 2nd one” IT return “in 2019 Directed by Andres Muschietti. A 135-minute long movie that is the best horror movie of all time. This one has everything, brave children,  a devilish clown, Horror music, Best graphics humourous, drama, friendship, and love too!!

One moment is full of fear, and anxiety, and the next is happiness. This is a unique movie whether you like it or not. Every single character is perfectly cast. The clown Pennywise is one the most horrific clown ever.

And a great thing about this movie is you cannot miss a single thing because everything is so connected, and that’s why we never get bored of it. I can personally watch this movie times. How will they defeat Pennywise altogether? They are just kids!! But believe us, in the end, it will stick in your mind for days. Watch the 2nd part for the full story!

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6. EVIL DEAD (IMDB 6.5):

Released in 2013 and directed by Fede Alvarez. Evil Dead 2013 is a remake of Evil dead 1981. The story is mind-blowing, scary, and full of horror. It was a glory fun to watch.

The climax is the best and perhaps has the greatest chainsaw kill in any other movie ever. We can say after watching it, you can feel the erre in the atmosphere. Seriously this is a masterpiece you should not miss.

The movie is about five friends who went into deep woods to spend a weekend, where they accidentally get into a house which is a demon dormant and struggle for their life till the end of the movie. The ending is good but quite disturbing and unsettling.

If you are light-hearted or do not like blood then avoid it !!!


Insidious is a film series of horror,1st part released in 2010 and was a great hit. The basic story of a haunted house is presented in such a way that you will be amazed to watch it.

It masterfully uses the tropes, scary music, creepy footage, noises from the attic floor, voices from the kids’ room Long story short, a full haunted package you can’t skip. With Josh and Renai shifted to a new house, and after some time they notice something unsettling about the house.

And suddenly one day, their son Dalton mysterious falls from a stair in the attic and get into a coma. from there devilish satanic powers begin to increase in the house. Other movies of Insidious are must-watch horror movies.


Released in 2021, Directed by James Wan who already marks his identity in the Thriller/horror world with his breathtaking movies like Insidious, conjuring 1&2, etc. Malignant has an extraordinary storyline with an amazing Cast who will make you question after every scene. You will have a new kind of thrill and horror movie full of violence, blood, fighting, scared and a lot more….!!

Maddison(Annabelle Wallis) is pregnant and living in a house with her abusive husband. One night Maddison came home from work and got into an argument with his abusive husband Derrek suddenly Derrek smashed her head against the wall and Maddison’s head started bleeding.

She locked herself in a room and fell asleep.  In the dream, she saw someone had entered the house and killed her husband vigorously after she woke she found Derrek’s body and it was killed in the same way she had seen in her dream. Watch this movie to know who is the killer or if there is something wrong with Maddison??

9. THE RING (IMDB 7.1):

The first one “The Ring” was released in 2003 and the last series was released in 2017. The story is Divine and seems realistic. Watch a videotape and you will die in seven days!! The concept is great, the casting is excellent, and the graphics seem to be perfect. What else do you want in a horror movie.?? This is wholesome you should not miss it.




Possession was released in 2012 and directed by Ole Bornedal. This one brings back the real feeling of frightening, creepy, jump scares, and a lot more. The story is brilliant, not a haunted house story but a wooden box that has a Jewish Dibbuq (demon) inside it.

The girl Em(Natasha Calis) has done an immensely incredible job in this movie. In the movie, she is living with her mom and sister. At weekends stay with dad.

One day she found an ancient antique wooden box(which should not be opened) she opened it and got possessed by the Jewish demon. Watch how she got a Jewish exorcism !! it takes guts to watch this one at night.


So here is the list ends of top horror movies and we will keep updating you about new movies, series, dramas, etc. we hope you find this article useful and write us valuable feedback till then keep reading!!