Most Scariest 9 Best Halloween Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone

Bored of old Dracula or Vampires Halloween movies?? Want something more real and scary?? Besides no one ever said that to watch horror movies should be watched only on Halloween. You can enjoy watching those spooky movies anywhere and anytime, either with your friends or family.

We have made a list of the special best Halloween movies so that you don’t have to waste your time finding them on different ott platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney plus, Hulu Tv, etc, and mainly you can impress your friends with your choice of horror movies.

Yeah! You can thank us later!! Get ready to scream your heads off because we are going to start the list!! let’s make your weekend more exciting and scary with the best top 9 Halloween movies ever!! 


Most Scariest 9 Best Halloween Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone



Most Scariest 9 Best Halloween Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone

Written by the famous writer R L Stine who has written many horror fiction novels for children,  the stories are about children who protect themselves from monsters and paranormal things. This movie is based on one of their novels by him, released in 2015.

Casting famous actors like Jack Black, Odeya Rush, Dylan Minnette, and many more. The movie is about teenagers who teamed up to fight against the monsters set free from the manuscript of R L Stine and released in the town of Madison Delaware. Watch Goosebumps movie to know how they protect the town from those scary monsters!!



Most Scariest 9 Best Halloween Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone

This is the real horror movie that you should watch because it combines all the spooky Ness Monster a serial killer,  blood, mystery, suspense, murders, and thriller. The movie’s story is realistic and it makes you bite your nails.

The suspense is mind-bending, the movie is about a serial killer who killed 3 teenagers many years ago and got arrested but after 4 decades somehow he is back to ruin the Halloween, besides that Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is waiting for him to come back so that she can kill him and her nightmare.

Jamie nailed the character and as it is the continuation of the 1978 old classic, the cinematography is breathtaking. The psychology of that murderer Michael Myers will make you question humanity. This is the movie where you can experience it all…!!



Most Scariest 9 Best Halloween Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone

A Spanish horror movie for Halloween is the best thing to watch! Veronica was released in 2017, casting Sandra Escacena(Veronica) as a lead actress. She did a phenomenal performance n the movie. Other actors were also talented.

Once you watch this movie it will become your favorite horror movie to watch on Halloween. Based on a True Story! Yes, now we are talking about Veronica, a beautiful teenage girl who has her mom and three siblings. 

She misses her dead dad so much that one day during a solar eclipse she and her friends tried to summon the spirit of her father through an Ouija board but something happened, and she lost herself as her spirit took place. It felt real because of her acting, and those things in real life happen with teenagers. watch whether she survived or not?


6. MAMA (IMDB 6.2):

Most Scariest 9 Best Halloween Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone

Mama movie was released in 2013, Casting Jessica Chastain, Isabella Nelisse, Megan Charpentier. The concept of the movie is unique, it’s not about the haunted house or something evil in toys, etc but a clean horror movie full of love or evil love.

In a car accident, the father died but two little sisters Lily and Victoria vanished into the dark forests. Their uncle and aunt kept searching for them and after five years one day, they find both the sisters in a decaying cabin and they bring them back to their home but after a while, some terrible things happen at night! To know what’s spooky is to watch the movie. 


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Most Scariest 9 Best Halloween Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone

The third and last part of the Annabelle series is the best because it’s where the story begins. How did Annabelle form and become devilish? Who is Annabelle? What happened to her? Who is in the doll?

All these questions have been answered in this movie so it’s a must-watch and it will add some creepy things to your weekend. Annabelle is based on a True Story and in 2020 however, the doll gets missing from the room!! spooky enough right!

All the parts are fabulous. You can watch anyone you like! A story about an orphan girl who is handicapped and lives with other orphans and nuns. They all get shifted into a house but there is a history of their landlord which affects that girl and others too.


4. US (IMDB 6.8):

Most Scariest 9 Best Halloween Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone

Us was released in 2019, casting famous actors like Jordan Peele, Lupita Nyong, Winston Duke, and many more. It’s a masterpiece of identity horror and the dark past of Americans with some creepy atmosphere, the original story, psychological twists and plots, suspense and mystery. The cinematography is amazing, with good compositions and shorts.

The Thriller ride keeps up psychological horror and identifies the real crises until the final reveal. It’s a complicated movie but well-displayed. The best horror movie to watch on Netflix, for us this movie is phenomenal and makes you bite your nails. The story is perfect to watch with your friends.


3. ORPHAN (IMDB 7.1):

Most Scariest 9 Best Halloween Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone

This movie is so underrated, the story is just wow, unpredictable, unimaginable, and best to save for Halloween. The little actress did fabulous work, one should get praise for this acting. This movie will make you speechless and make you wonder for days. The Movie starts with the miscarriage of Kate(Vera Farmiga) who loses her child and gets traumatized by it.

She has a Lil daughter with a speaking disability and a son. Kate and her husband decide to adopt a kid and so they adopt an orphanage girl from Russia named Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman). This girl turn devilish and tried to murder Kate’s son and daughter many times.

Kate gets to know about Esther through her daughter and takes out all the information related to her. In the end with the twist and turn in the story, you will get to know whom Kate is dealing with. A good horror movie can be made without Devils, monsters, zombies. Orphan is a piece of art that should be embraced. one should watch to know what exactly horror means!!


2. MIRAGE (IMDB 7.4):

Most Scariest 9 Best Halloween Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone

We can bet if you watch this movie for one you can’t get over it easily.  To know the meaning of what is a mind-bending movie,  you should or must watch MIRAGE. The story this movie possesses is uncommon and unique. The mystery/Drama was co-written and directed by  Oriol Paulo and starred Adrian Ugarte is indeed an amazing actress.

The movie starts in 2014 a couple shifted to a house where after some days the woman named Vera finds a television in a storeroom. She discussed it with the neighbor and found out that a boy used to live here in 1989 and one day during an electric thunderstorm hit Berlin the boy was killed by his neighbor.

Suddenly one night Vera heard a voice from the other room where a boy is recording himself and at first she got shocked but after a while, she makes a connection with the boy and alerts him not to go to his neighbor’s house otherwise he will be killed.

A kind of time travel Vera did the other morning everyone suddenly forgets about anything that happened in 1989. The Movie doesn’t end here, it has a twist and should watch this one!!


1. GET OUT (IMDB: 7.7):

Most Scariest 9 Best Halloween Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone

If you hadn’t watched Get Out yet then you are not a very big fan of thriller horror movies. This movie has a separate fan base including black people. This movie is based on the undefined torture white people do with black people in the name of slavery.

A must-watch the movie to sense your mind and sharpen your alertness. Combination of Twist and Turns. It is directed by Jordan Peele and released in 2017. Starts with the visit of girlfriend Rose and boyfriend Chris to meet Rose’s parents for the first time. 

Rose is from white family background and his boyfriend Chris is from a black background, Chris gets nervous because he thought they might not accept him from a black background but they get along with him.  After some time he reveals some secrets about Rose and his family and gets into horrific trouble that he never thought of.



The list of the best Halloween horror movies ends here. We have discussed the new Halloween movies. The concept is new, the story is thrilling, the cast is very versatile and horror is as usual mind-blowing.

You will watch all the movies and keep waiting for the other list of some other exciting movies. We will keep updating you about new movies, dramas, series, and more. We hope you liked our article and write us valuable feedback too. till then keep reading!!