Things You Should Know About Popular Turkish Actor-'Akin Akinozu'

This article is about the famous and most romantic Turkish actor, Akin akinozu. This actor is so successful and popular that we cannot miss talking about him. He is very desirable among female fans not only because of his outer beauty and fame but he is kind, brave, gentle, modest and a humble man which is very rare to find a man with all these qualities.

His full name Sureyya Akin Akinozu is a 31-year-old man, and the only child of the famous Turkish actress Oslin Akinozu and his father is a restaurant owner. He has an artistic family background.
In this article, we get to know about Akin Akinozu and also his personal life.

Firstly, let’s put some light on his wonderful work in the Turkish series. He is one of the best actors in Turkish because he has some excellent acting skills and also gets many awards for best acting.

Things You Should Know About Popular Turkish Actor-‘Akin Akinozu’



This famous Turkish drama was released in 2017 with 5 seasons and 154 episodes of the history of Muslims it shows how Abdul Hamid stood against corrupt power. This also represents many other historical characters. The history is accurate and mind-blowing.

Things You Should Know About Popular Turkish Actor-'Akin Akinozu'

It’s a must-watch for any Muslim because they will get to know about their history, their struggle, and their glory. The cast is very talented, the sultan is so interesting and intelligent that he gets the idea of every enemy’s plans. you will enjoy watching this series and get knowledge about your Muslim forefathers.


DAYDREAMER is a Turkish TV series, released in 2018 with season 1 and 51 episodes. A beautiful drama with a great cast, talented directors, and a well-written script. People who watched this show say it’s a masterpiece and no doubt it is!! A complete package of friendship, love, emotions, possessiveness, madness, romance.

Things You Should Know About Popular Turkish Actor-'Akin Akinozu'

Main leads are a treat to watch. Every episode is unique and has some magic that binds its audience. A girl who wants to follow her dreams rather than arrange a marriage. She finds a job and falls for the boss of the company. Watch the show to know how things go between them??


This one was released in 2015 with 2 seasons of 60 episodes. This is a sequel to the Turkish TV series Magnificent Century which was released in 2011. Casting Akin Akinozu. You will love this show. It is filled with Turkish heritage and ancient culture.

Things You Should Know About Popular Turkish Actor-'Akin Akinozu'

The magnificence of the Ottoman empire is astonishing and educative. All the descriptions of history, power, struggle, and a love story are beautifully structured. Both the leads have different personalities but in the end, fall in love and get together.

The writing is quite impressive, you won’t get bored and of course, the men are fantastic and handsome in both seasons. A must-watch show!!

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A Turkish television series was released in 2017. A lion family living together, consisting of 7 members.A story where two brothers Yigit and Emir take revenge on their family. Casting is good, an easy comedy, the characters have made the connection with the audience and the story is beautiful.

Things You Should Know About Popular Turkish Actor-'Akin Akinozu'

Murat (Akin Akinozu ) is the second son who is a police officer, who is smart, clever, and handsome. He cares about his family and loves them and became a special member of his family. The family is living peacefully but suddenly one day a girl (Burcu Özberk) knocks on their door and claims that she is the real owner of the house. By saying this, the whole situation gets upside down. Watch to know more !!


Hercai is one of Akin Akinozu’s best shows now, released in 2021 with 3 seasons of 69 episodes. Casting Ebru Sahin, Akin Akinozu. The chemistry between both of them is unmatchable, surreal, and beautiful but full of complexity and depth.

Things You Should Know About Popular Turkish Actor-'Akin Akinozu'

You won’t find another one like this masterpiece. you will laugh with them, cry with them! that’s how you will get connected and couldn’t get enough of it.

There is a reason why Akin Akinozu won many awards because of this show and his phenomenal acting skills. You will learn the love connection between Miran and Rayanne. This one is more than a Shakespeare romance drama!!



Things You Should Know About Popular Turkish Actor-'Akin Akinozu'

Birth: He is of Turkish nationality, live in Ankara Turkey, and is a Muslim, his hobby are reading, music, traveling, and fitness. He is also a cytophilic which means he is a dog lover.


Relationship: Many of you ask about his marital status, he is not married yet but in a relationship with Sandra Pestemalciyan, for 7 years. There were rumors about his marriage but he declined it. He said his priority is to travel the world and visit different places.


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Education and skills: studied at TED College, and went to Los Angeles for general studies.
He also applied math at UC Berkeley where he lived for 6 years. He started to learn acting in Craft acting workshops and is currently working under the Gokce Altan agency.



  • He won the best actor in a drama series for Hercai in 2019.
  • November 2019 award for the association of magazine journalists.
  • Best TV serial couple in 2020 for Hercai.
  • Nominated for: Golden nominee (best actor)
  • Best actor in the Foreign series.


Total Television series: 6


Akin Akinozu has more than 3.3 million followers on Instagram. To know more about his life follow him on Instagram.


No doubt, Akin Akinozu is one of the most handsome Turkish actors/models who are a great human being too. He is smart and very handsome with a phenomenal personality. He has everything which a man should have.

We get too many things about him in this article like his birth, education, career, acting career, love life, and many more. We will love to see him more in dramas and movies and also in the line of modeling.

We have made this article for Akin Akinozu’s fans and hope they will get to know more about him through this article. Sadly the article ends here, but we keep updating you about new movies, dramas, actors, actresses, and a lot more!! till then keep enjoying reading!!